Personally i feel they did and still do ostracize themselves from the WEST and from other societies in general, as the following will explain.

If we look at Islam and the ( Muslims society and communities ) we see exactly the point I am making, they have created their own society and communities within a western civilisation. surely the whole point of integration is to integrate ?.

This is not secluded to Muslims as the Jewish people do exactly the same, these people have decided for whatever reason to live in the Western world and within our society, yet can not accept the Western ways/heritage/cultures or other religions accepted by us. they choose to live in countries of Western ways yet rebel and fail to accept the basics of LAW. Not only law but employment laws and their rights are subject to preferential treatment/amendment to appease their ways as they live within the Western world.

A fine example of British government appeasing Islam yet not Christianity is the Sunday opening hours, Sunday is clearly a day of rest and religious ways of the Christian belief, yet this was TRAMPLED upon to appease big business, yet the very same businesses are required by LAW to appease Islamic ways such as prayer and handling products such as pork and alcohol, even down to dress code.

Islam wishes to and in fact is imposing SHARIA law upon the Western world, such laws clearly discriminate against women,children,animals and other religions, yet it is somehow acceptable?.

So in a Western world of equality it is fine for Muslim women to be discriminated against in both everyday life and through the legal system of SHARIA, we constantly see children’s genitalia being cut off or adapted in the most vile ways imaginable, yet government does nothing, we get the odd case of government saying this is not acceptable, yet very few are convicted, the same religion deems it fine to have underage marriage and sex, this is disturbing by any standards, yet is allowed to go under the radar time and time again. We are now actually seeing cases of Western women being BLAMED FOR BEING RAPED due to the way they dress. We truly are in a very sad sate of affairs when the VICTIM of rape is blamed for the outfit they wish to wear ?.

Western people have been acceptable of all ways cultures and religions providing they respect OUR ways cultures and LAWS, yet as we see this is not the case prominently with Islam and partially with Judaism. Even animal rights are ignored to appease these two religions with HALAL AND KOSHER slaughter.

So let’s think of this logically, these people have CHOSEN to live within Western society, yet have refused to integrate, refused to accept the rule of law and on top of all this have DEMANDED we accept their barbaric ways and change our very way of living going back MILLENNIA. They have chosen to set up communities/societies rather than integrate within the society they have entered, yet somehow we are RACIST/XENOPHOBIC for not accepting their imposing ways ?. When we the WESTERN WORLD have accepted them and their families into out communities on the ASSUMPTION that they would integrate and accept our ways as they follow their beliefs within the BOUNDARIES OF WESTERN LAW ?.

People of the WEST and Britain are not RACIST, we just require respect for our ways as we accept others, we stick to the laws and acceptability of society and so should they ?. the only people here who are demanding anything bazaar are they who wish for us to welcome them into our country ?. Through the (OIC) British GOVT was put on notice NOT to build anymore churches. I bet most are unaware that HUMAN RIGHTS from Muslims means > SHARIA LAW > here is a link >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkAZUvQAzkc

So after reading this article, please answer me one question >> Have we the WEST ostracised  Muslims or have they ostracised themselves ??.

Thank you for reading this article. I have kept it short as i try to do, the points are there, but do not want to bore people to death.

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The current system as it stands for the most has the mega rich earning huge amounts of cash as they pay a pittance to the workers and in general adding little to no benefit to the standards of living nor to the country as a whole, the gap between the rich and poor just continues to grow and will continue to do so if we stick to the system that has failed the people for decades.

You could be employed by a mega corporation that earns BILLIONS yet be on a minimum wage even though your input is part of the creation of this profit, Then the mega rich have huge market shares that again make more profit yet you are still just managing to keep your head above water. We could use AMAZON/GOOGLE and SPORTS DIRECT as perfect examples of the current system being a one way street as in the rich making huge profits as the employees work for a pittance.

Governments are raising council taxes & rates, rents are rising, utilities cost more as prices of goods rise and the rich get even richer, businesses generally pass on any rising costs to the consumer so again you on your low wages are hit in your already sparse bank account, it is a relentless fight against a rigged system that gives no intensive to work hard or help build your bosses business, yes you read correctly i did say build your bosses business, as the new radical system i propose would benefit us all to do so.

The new system I am about to propose will actually save the rich on taxation as it enriches the worker as well as funding the NHS/education system/emergency services and the care sector as well as building consumer spending/productivity and virtually eliminating the welfare system including housing benefit as employees will have money to buy their own homes. This system will even ensure savings there for your retirement and any care you need in your later years, i kid you not folks this system will empower Britain and drag the poor out of poverty, providing a good life for all willing to work and trust me people will be falling over themselves to work with this system. People will be thinking of ways to help their boss make more profit as it will benefit all, plus as the worker benefits with good wages they go out and spend cash that again simply adds profit to the system that in turn will benefit the worker.

Even inflation will help the employees, if prices rise, then so will profit, this system simply works, it will insensitive the nation as well as releasing GOVT of many responsibilities and costs.

Even the MEGA RICH will like this new system as they will SAVE MONEY on taxation, and actually create a MASSIVE increase in consumer spending this as we all know makes more profit and the cycle continues as the worker has more cash to spend.


The current system claims taxation at between 20% and 45 % for the mega corps, well this new system requires a flat taxation of just 10% now you are going to immediately think this sounds nuts, but please bear with me until the end and all will become apparent.

The new system will still require a 40 % removal of profits from MEGA CORPS but it is distributed in an entirely new way. and just like the taxation system now it will be calculated annually so all will be based on the previous years profits, these have already been earned so will not effect any company in any way to the system that is currently in place.

Smaller businesses will pay the 20% of profit as they do now and this will be divided in the same way as above with the obvious difference in returns. basically everything mentioned will be halved for this situation.


So lets say a business has earned a profit the previous year of £200.000 and it employs 10 people we take 20% of this profit and return this to the employees > this being an extra £40.000 divided between the employees giving each employee an extra £4.000 of income, now 20% of this extra income is placed into an interest accumulating retirement plan, this being £800.00 so the employee gets an extra £3.200 in immediate cash and also has £800.00 in a future retirement account. then we take 10% of profit and pay this in tax to GOVT, so they get £20.000 and the 10% left gets split between NHS/education/emergency services and care sector all getting around £5.000 each, now bear in mind the employees have already paid national insurance and tax, so all this is extra cash and GUARANTEED to the vital services. eliminating GOVT manipulation of figures and relinquishing their hold over our vital services. Even after all this cash distribution, the company has saved 5% in overall outlay, while its employees have a better standard of living and each individual vital service getting a far share of profit while GOVT is kept topped up.

Now this is an example with a fairly small business and yet we can see the benefits of this system are amazing to all, SO just imagine this system working on mass.

Companies/businesses and corporations could be encouraged to do this by offering a 5% to 10% discount on their first 5 years giving them a huge boost as well as giving them cash to invest in other business that will further benefit the people through profit.

This system requires a separate regulative body that collects and distributes profits as a whole instead of trusting GOVT to do it all as they have continually failed to help the people or the economy. This body must have an online 24/7 account that can be logged into by anyone with their national insurance number/ DOB and a password of our choosing to ensure the moneys collected from us are accounted for and are of the correct amount. Any discrepancies should be able to be flagged up by the individual and this discrepancy should appear on a discrepancies page open to all, with an open chat room allowing people to communicate and ensure everything is accounted for down to the last penny.

We have one body that collects all the profits from all companies in the UK and distributes just as above, the difference being the profits are collected and distributed as a whole, this system spreads the wealth in an entirely even way across the full UK as it acts just like the above system yet takes all profits large or small and spreads it evenly among the employees, so lets say you work for a company earning £200.000 as above and you get your £4,000 as stated well someone working for a company with double the profits would in theory get double in profit share ?, in order to eliminate an unfair balance, this system collects all profits from all companies and splits it between all employees equally. so as a whole bearing in mind the companies making millions or billions in profit, you could see your profit share go from a few thousand pounds into far greater amounts into tens of thousands ?.

The amount you receive will depend upon the hours you have worked, as it obviously would not be fair for someone working 16 hours to get the same as someone working full-time. We need to also put in safeguards to stop business owners and management from paying themselves exorbitant wages to avoid sharing the wealth. Let us remember they are already saving 5% and the extra income for employees will mean far more consumer spending, so it is also a win win for them too, but greed knows no bounds with some.

Now bear in mind this is EXTRA income on top of your wages and this is also paying for your retirement,you will also have the option of putting a greater amount into the retirement scheme should you wish to do so, surely it has to be a win win situation ?, not only is it doing this but it is paying for our vital services such as NHS/emergency services/education and paying GOVT more than enough taxation, bearing in mind the employee will be paying 20% tax on wages plus ten 10% share of this to provide any other services such as armed forces and policing ?. we could include policing into this system but only if they revert back to common law and stop enforcing statute upon the people, they either work for us or against us ?, I feel it only fair to pay for services that directly HELP us, not enforce charges for a broken tail light or to help bailiffs come and break into your home .

Now just imagine the benefits of such a system folks ?, it will make low paid employment FAR more attractive as the profit related top up is guaranteed. So no more I am not picking fruit for minimum wage as your bonus will make up for the lower pay, the country will be working as a mass, each business helping another through profit regardless of the profit margin. people will be able to pay for their own homes or rent depending on their own personal preferences, they will be spending far more with the hugely improved incomes so therefore boosting profits of businesses that will intern return to them the following year through the greater profit of the business.

We will be removing some power from GOVT and returning it back to the people, let’s be honest GOVT have given the banks BILLIONS of our cash and we are no better off, in fact we are more in debt due to their so-called governance, living standards in the UK have continually declined for decades, minimum wage is a waste of time as when it rises so does the cost of goods and services, it is a continual cycle of catching up and just as we get close prices rise again, well in this system the price rise will actually benefit us all the following year.

The private sector will also benefit from this system as when profits rise so will GOVTS 10% share ?, and not forgetting they will be collecting their usual 20% from our wages but NOT from the payments of this system. Also bear in mind GOVT will not have the full outlay of funding for vital services/pensions and care as much of this will now come from the profit sharing system. Plus GOVT will save huge amounts in benefit payments and housing costs as unemployment will be next to zero so again saving more cash on in work benefit top ups.

In a nutshell we are basically taking back some of GOVT control, instead of them giving it all to bankers and the mega rich, we are having some and using it to boost production, the standards of living and consumer spending that will simply pay back in the cycle as more consumer spending means more profit which will once again return to the employees to redistribute it again ?.

As usual thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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We are told MASS is GRAVITY and the more mass something has the more it weighs and this weight is the gravitational pull, now this is a BRILLIANT con upon the people, Science basically renamed mass as gravity and it is virtually impossible to contradict.but no impossible as you will see, it reminds me of legalese a language devised to fool the people into their own demise, a sheer piece of genius from the creator. Anyway the laws of physics state that an object at rest will remain where it is unless an external unbalanced force is provided, to move the said object requires an external force in order for it to move and an opposing unbalanced force is required in order to counteract any force place upon the said object in order for it to remain still if a force is placed upon it.

So let us use this LAW of physics to at very least cast huge doubt on gravity

Now we are told the MASS of earth creates gravity and as with Jupiter the greater the mass the greater the gravitational pull. Now this gravitational pull is a constant pull of a fairly equal force supposedly keeping everything on earth as it supposedly spins at thousands of miles per hour flying around an orbit.

So if  we agree the laws of physics to be true as i would and that an another force is required to counteract an opposing force then gravity simply does not work.I know this sounds very simplistic and to be honest it is when we actually apply the laws of physics to a spinning globe.

In order to understand my point i will give the following example, take two elastic bands and glue a marble to one and a bottle of cola to the other, now take one item in each hand and spin around, you will notice the marble hardly makes any difference to the elastic band whereas the bottle of cola is stretching the elastic band before your eyes. This is what is called CENTRIPETAL force, the bottle of cola weighing more is subjected to a greater force than the marble due to its weight/mass and is shown by the extension of the elastic band, both items are subjected to the same conditions yet they both create a different centripetal force. this example can be done using balls of the same size but with one having a far greater mass than the other, you will come to the same conclusion, that the centripetal force created is far greater on the object of greater mass.

We could use an example of two people being on the WALL OF DEATH ride at the fair, the ride that spins around and the outer wall being the only thing keeping you safe, one is behind a pillow the other is behind a cow, both items suspended from a pole just 6 inches in front of them, the wall being behind them, now who will get crushed when the ride goes full speed , the person with the pillow or the person with the cow ?.

Centripetal force applies to anything attached to earth, as in buildings/roads/trees but it does not apply to humans/animals/cars or anything that is not attached to earth, these are subjected to CENTRIFUGAL force as in they are naturally being tossed from the supposed spinning earth.

Now we get back to gravity, this being an equal force across earth differing very slightly at the equator and the poles but not of any great significance that is noticeable to humans.

Now i hope at this point we are all in agreement to the forces i have mentioned and i am correct as to their effects.

SO if we are to agree the greater the mass or the heavier an object the greater the centrifugal force is placed upon it when it is subjected to the spin of earth as in the example above, now we are told that gravity is a constant force and does not alter to any great extent, so this being the case what is the opposing force to centrifugal keeping these heavier and greater mass items on earth.

The point i am getting at is the laws of physics demand an equal and opposing force in order for an object to remain still if an external force is placed upon it, just as in the example above, the objects of higher mass have a far greater centrifugal or if attached to earth centripetal force placed upon them, yet the force of gravity is a constant, so the force of gravity is not increased, yet the centrifugal/centripetal force is hugely higher upon the object of higher mass, yet somehow it has no effect upon the object of greater mass.

Now if the laws of physics are to be applied, then the object of greater mass under considerable more force than the object of lesser mass would need a greater force to maintain its position than the object of lesser mass, yet on earth there is no other force apart from gravity that as we have stated is a constant. yet the two objects are subjected to very different external forces of centrifugal/centripetal force and somehow the higher mass object having the same opposing force yet being subjected to a far greater external force is acting in the same way.

Well surely the greater mass object is defying the laws of physics ?. it would naturally be subject to tangential velocity as in it would travel in a straight trajectory from the circular motion of earth, so where exactly is the extra opposing force coming from ?, we have already established that gravity is fairly constant and the external force is greater on one object than the other, yet if anything they act in a conflicting manner on earth.

Now this is how science uses mass as gravity and gravity replaces or becomes the centripetal force as in the greater the mass then the greater the gravitational pull, and the weight of the object is the force of gravity, so basically science wants you to believe that the more mass something has the more gravitational pull is has.so remember this folks MASS is essential to gravity. this is the LAW OF UNIVERSAL GRAVITATION, Any two bodies in the universe attract each other with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. This is also said to be the reason why we simply do not stick to the side of cliffs and mountains with their huge mass, as the earth itself is the greater mass and is constantly pulling us downwards. they use the Cavendish experiment as an example of this by using two masses to attract smaller masses on torsion poll in an equilibrium position. Personally i say this experiment actually proves that anything will find the path of least resistance and there is no attraction as they claim, my thinking on this will become clear further along in this article.

Many ask the question why we can not feel the earth spinning and rightly so, the explanation given is gravity is acting as the centripetal force holding you to the spinning globe, and inertia is the second element, a bit like being in a plane, once it settles at a constant speed you can then get up and walk around as you are travelling along with it, now this would work if we were travelling along in a straight line but we are not we are apparently on a globe spinning around at 1000 mph as it travels through the universe at 67000 mph. in another circular motion, so basically it is like having a spinning ball on the end of some string as you spin around holding it outwards.in affect we are on a giant waltzer ride just like the fairground ride and somehow inertia and gravity offset these huge forces ?.just like the explanation with earth spinning Imagine being in a plane travelling through the air at 67000 mph as it spins at around at 1000 mph then try to make inertia work ? I think many would agree it simply would not work, you would not be able to walk around the plane in fact you would be stuck to one of the walls, yet somehow this very thing happens with earth and nobody feels a thing. Also the suns gravitational field is so strong it keeps earth in orbit yet the same huge gravitational pull somehow does not effect anything on earth surely when anything is facing the sun should become lighter and then heavier when facing away from the sun ?.I am sure they have some bazaar reason to explain this, something that is beyond the realms of  logic.

Here is a link to a short vid explaining the difference in forces and how they work, now remember we are not in the can, we are on the outside of it just as we are on earth >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9s1IRJbL2Co.

Then we have the solar system and the differing sizes of planets in a space of no resistance, why are all the planets not drawn closer to the sun with its immense gravitational pull ? and why are planets of greater mass not closer to the sun then planets of less mass ?. we must remember two masses are attracted, the greater the mass the greater the pull and with virtually no resistance in space surely the larger masses should be naturally drawn to each other. Then as the sun uses its gas shouldn’t its gravitational pull be becoming less and as such we should see all planets moving away from it. Apparently earth is moving away from the sun due to a slowing of rotation of the sun, other planets are apparently staying pretty much in situ in distance from the sun, then we have the whole MASS and gravity thing again, this being why are larger planets not drawing smaller planets closer to them ? as we would expect to happen on earth, a larger mass drawing a smaller mass closer ?, surely we should witness planets getting closer as they pass each other ? bearing in mind in space there is no or very little resistance, things just seem to contradict each other constantly yet we are told we are uneducated and do not understand corners should we question these facts.

So what do we have to PROVE gravity ? well we have CAVENDISH and his experiment, so lets compare this with the PICO experiment and you will see CAVENDISH simply does not hold water as in the greater mass is not the attraction, in fact the lesser mass is the attraction, personally i put this down to the path of LEAST resistance, as in the lesser the air between two objects the least resistance when doing both PICO and CAVENDISH. we see in both experiments an apparent force/attraction, well lets not think of it as a force/attraction/energy and think of it as EVERYTHING else on earth, it will find the path of least resistance ?, so in the PICO experiment the larger mass does not attract the load carried on the torsion bar, however it has a gap in between the two objects of mass further backing the thinking of least resistance as the gap allows air to be apparent whereas Cavendish with the mass as a whole acts as a windbreaker essentially creating a smaller amount of air between the torsion bar weights and the mass placed , so just like ANYTHING else on the planet it will find the path of least resistance ? here is a link to the PICO experiment >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Lzd86ZYf_o .

We also need to look at CAST IRON Vs STEEL

We create cast iron through heat as we know, but if we reheat this cast iron we create steel, i am sure we would all agree on this process?, so bearing in mind we have added NOTHING to the process apart from heat and compression yet the finished steel will weigh more and be of a greater mass, so have we as man created GRAVITY through steel making,  or have we simple expelled more air and impurities from the mix creating a surrounding pressure that gives the illusion of solidity ?. as my earlier article suggests it is air that forms structure to anything regardless of what it is, as it is continually trying to maintain a constant.


So let us take what science tells us about gravity and the Newtons law of universal gravity this being Any two bodies in the universe attract each other with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. and NEWTON’S FIRST LAW OF MOTION, also commonly referred to as the LAW OF INERTIA, states that an object at rest tends to stay at rest until acted upon by an unbalanced force. and use these in space or in the international space station now on earth the greatest mass is earth itself, but in the space station the greatest mass is in fact the space station itself ? and as there is virtually no resistance at all why does the mass of the space station not act as the gravity or the external force and attract all objects to it just as newtons universal gravity law suggests ? instead we see things floating around, surely with no resistance the larger mass should attract the lesser mass just as it does on earth, and greater masses should have more gravitation attraction especially under no resistance ?. even the Cavendish experiment suggest this ?, yet we do not see this in the space station or in space, sure the law of  motion should apply, as the space station is a mass there is no resistance so other objects of mass should be attracted by the larger mass and travel in that direction until they make contact and remain there unless another external force is applied to remove them ?. also things should have some weight in the space station for the very same reason, that being the universal law of gravity, because all objects of mass are attracted to each other, now the items should not weigh what they do on earth as the mass is of the space station is vastly smaller to the mass of earth, but they should weigh something due to the attraction between the masses and this weight should be the gravitational pull or the attraction between the objects of mass.

Now some might say well the masses up there are not sufficiant enough to cause the attraction ?, well as we have seen in many Cavendish experiments on youtube the masses can be very small, also as there is no resistance then it should be an ideal enviorment to enforce the Cavendish experiment as the equilibrium state already exists ?.

Now we either have one of six situations to explain this IMO

One being the Earth does not produce gravity and nor does a mass and as i suggested in another article, objects simply take the path of least resistance as i suggest with the Cavendish experiment and as there is no resistance in space then objects will simply stay still until a force is placed upon it sending it in a direction and it will continue in this direction eternally unless it has another force placed upon it to stop it.

Two being gravity is capable of thought and chooses not to work on masses within the space station bringing a whole new concept to gravity itself.

Three being the earth is not spinning and gravity is simply made up to encourage us to think it is along with newtons law of gravitational attraction between objects within the universe.

Four being gravity simply does not exist and is merely a fantasy of some very ingenious people to fool the masses including those of the scientific world from its very foundations of weight being gravity and i suggest it has been conjured up by a very clever person to fool us and turn the very simple thing of weight into a mystical force that until now has been virtually impossible to challenge, but as you have seen with your own eyes objects within the space station simply do not act as they should according to the laws of psychics mainly the attraction between two objects anywhere in the universe.

Five being that gravity is somehow magical and defies the laws of physics.

Six being the laws of physics are wrong.

Now let us take NASA and the space station and for that matter all space craft, we constantly see people within the space station floating around, well why didn’t the NASA and the geniuses who apparently got all this into space think of such a simple solution to stop people floating around like an electromagnetic floor ? simply have metal placed into their footwear in space and they can walk around just as we do on earth ??, now to me this sounds a pretty obvious thing to do ?,in fact it would have been one of the first things i would have though of if i was designing something that would be subjected to a lack of gravity. Why would you have people floating around among all those wires and cables, any one of them could easily be ripped out or damaged, when such a simple solution is available to avoid it ?. Personally i feel it is to add to the illusion of it all, seeing people floating adds credence to them being in space keeping the viewers subconscious assimilating floating with no gravity. the full space station could be given a magnetic field then astronauts could make repairs outside the space station far easier and safer ?.

Now scientists tell you to QUESTION EVERYTHING but when you do as i have they become aggressive and claim you are uneducated or do not understand corners, they can not accept that they could actually be WRONG ?. You will see on my twitter TL the abuse this article will raise, IMO the response says it all, if gravity is proven to be wrong then their little world and all they belief will come crumbling down around them.

Thank you for reading this article and i hope it has at the very least encouraged you to question everything.

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In order to understand this article you need to think of earth as a new home or factory built with all the automatic safety features, or as a car engine that relies upon its sensors to ensure optimal performance.

We are currently concentrating on the emissions that pollute cities and highly populated areas and so we should be, but because of this we are missing the BIGGER picture,this being air/heat/sea and development.

So what exactly is the bigger picture i talk of ?, well it is many aspects ignored aspects in the climate change scenario. Not just the air pollution we are charged for but other issues are COMPLETELY IGNORED, but i am here to inform you of the DISASTROUS decisions of GOVERNMENTS, not only ours but many around the world, not only this but what SCIENTIFIC EXPERTS have missed.

So let us get back to the beginning and of EARTH acting in opposing ways to what we have known and come to expect. Well this is not solely the effect of emissions even though they do play a small part in the problem, but the real problem is HEAT and ABSORPTION as i will explain.

As people we are told NUCLEAR is the way forward, it is clean and has little to no impact on the environment, well this is NOT the case as we will see. I am not bias as to those earning BILLIONS from such ventures are as they damage our planet, but judging by history i would suggest little concern is given by these people.

So here we go, let us imagine the world as a car engine, i am sure this will relate to many scientists as well as other boffins who ASSUME they know it all and understand better than us as they are far superior in educated than ourselves.

In order for a car engine to work it needs water at the RIGHT temperature as well as air at the RIGHT temperature, fuel at the RIGHT temperature as well as SENSORS taking readings to ensure all is correct in order for supreme performance and minimal emissions .

So now let us take this basic system and apply it to EARTH, well we need air/water and synchronisation. So how does EARTH’S system work, well we have trees/flowers/plants/seas/rivers/winds/air and rain. These all work as one huge diagnostics system, just as you get in a car engine folks.

The Earth works on the same principles it needs certain things to be correct in order to run as normal just as an engine needs a certain balance, yet in a vehicle everything is controlled by a ECM/ECU, this takes readings and changes delivery of fuel/air as well as other systems such as fan control and emissions, well it is EXACTLY the same with earth but on a huge scale.

As we know an engine it has sensors , these act as a guidance system for the brain, this being the ECU/ECM, this gathers the info and then acts to rectify the problems, for example  if the engine thinks too much air is coming in, it will compensate by pumping  in more fuel, if it thinks the air is limited, then it limits the fuel supply in order to create a balance according to the parameters of the brain.

The ECM/ECU has a LONG and SHORT term fuel trim, this is how your mechanic decides on what action to take. This basically works as said, more air =more fuel and visa versa. the LONG term tells us the HISTORY of the engine and the adjustments over a period of time, the SHORT term tells us what the ECM/ECU has done to try and resolve the issue/issues that have arisen because of the initial problem and other abnormalities since then , the mechanic needs to figure out why there is more air and rectify the leak or bad sensor. once again creating harmony within the combustion system, but the BRAIN the ECM/ECU needs time to adapt to the new sensor and will gradually adjust in many cases.

Now i know it has taken a short article on engine management to get to an article, but sometimes things need explaining in order to make the obvious truly clear as daft as this may sound.

So let me explain how EARTH works now you have had your basic mechanical diagnostics course, Well instead of having sensors as we would in an engine, we have trees/plants/shrubbery/wind/rain/reeds and coral reefs and the seas.



We have trees/plants/flowers and shrubbery, these provide the basic diagnostics and readings of the conditions and environment they are in, then we have the wind/rain/weather and air pressure, well these are the repair tools of the earth, these take this diagnostics info and try to rectify the readings they have been given.

It works like this, the trees/plants/shrubbery and coral reefs take air/heat/sun/sea and rain readings, they then transmit this data JUST AS WE DO through a world-wide web, except this is a web of ROOTS, from tree to grass, from grass to plant, from plant to soil, from soil to another.plant, this plant taking more readings through its leaves,stem,soil and roots, from moister to temperature readings as well as air and soil purity.

So let us imagine this system is ripped apart, just like our internet cables as we dig up their network in order to build housing/factories and industrial estates, well the communication is now lost forevermore. Now imagine this folks, rip a wiring loom from your car, then say awwww it is not my fault, i needed a bigger stereo as the diagnostics system goes nuts ?. I am sure you would realise the wires you ripped out, needed to be there as they were the COMMUNICATIONS link to your cars brain/ECM/ECU ?.

The trees plants grass and shrubs do EXACTLY that, they link important info back to the brain and say, we have no rain here, or we have too much sun and the weather will adapt to the situation and normally rectify the situation.

We then build on land ripping apart this very network, this informs the system that something is wrong, they are no longer receiving the rain/sun and wind they once did in this area, so the brain thinks ok, i will send more rain to replenish the area affected. but this does not work, so the brain thinks the area must be overgrown and this is the reason for no water or sun  readings being received, it then issues huge winds to clear the area of old leaves and moss in the hope it will again receive water/sun and replenish the effected area.

This fails time after time, but this is happening in many areas creating more winds and rain from different places that clash and rebel placing other areas of mass land into mass rainfall and bad conditions as the vegetation can only do so much, it can not monitor the creation of a storm it has manifested, it can merely read the info as the land being flooded as a result, this then calls for a drought on the said area, so it is a no win situation.

Then we take the seas, they are also controlled by plantation, the oceans have shrubs taking readings that no longer tally, as we have COOLING TOWERS as well as NUCLEAR power stations, soaking up the rivers and seas to cool reactors and towers, well this may sound punitive in the grand oceanic scale, but if we consider the TINY differentiation climate change depicts,this being a rise in temperature of 0.85 degrees then we will start to understand, imagine you have a bath, it is warm, but slowly you run the hot tap, eventually it becomes hotter and so does the container, this being the bath. So let us imagine a NUCLEAR power plant soaking up thousands of gallons of cold water, then replacing it with hot water, well surely over a period of time this will lead to the effect we see in sea temperatures. Not only this, but the spent rods have to be cooled for CENTURIES to avoid destruction again heating up the seas, yet we are building MORE of these deathtraps ??  just IMAGINE the heat they are creating and the energy it is costing to do so. NUCLEAR power plants use 8 times the amount of cooling water than GAS powered plants and 11% more water than COAL. Then the extreme heat and steam rising above the power plants effect the air moisture levels as well as air temperatures. Now imagine the effect this has on the Gulf stream, our very way of life as we are TOLD ??. .

The rivers and seas that surround the power station are still connected to the interweb of roots, so they take in these readings and assume the water is far to warm so WINDS are sent to cool it and in some cases TSUNAMIS, the readings are correct, but our civilisation is unknown folks, a plant can not see anything, it simply takes readings. We now have very hot rivers and seas that would and always have been cold sending the earth natural diagnostics system into panic mode as it tries to rectify the unusual data.

The wind acts in two ways, it tries to clear land of shrubbery that has overgrown as it assumes this is starving the rest of land from rain and sun,  it also acts in moving the seas and creating waves, these the purify the seas which in turn purifies the rain.

The rain falls, this again purifies the air we breath, each droplet collects harmful chemicals as it falls, this is why after a heavy rainfall you can clearly feel the air is fresh and cleaner, they all have their part to play.

We can not go around chopping trees down as we need them to survive, bearing in mind these trees and plants soak up air purifying it before releasing it back into earths atmosphere, but big business is doing just this ?,now i have never been a tree hugger, but i do understand we need them in order for the world to survive,

The true DEMISE of our planet is ironically the NUCLEAR power plants, not only below,but above, the HEAT is killing us, it is far more dangerous than ANY EMISSIONS,  bearing in mind, just like BUGS emissions thrive on WARMTH as it makes the air thinner and most pollution rises above our radar to later come back down miles away on unsuspecting people and land.

So when we take time to think about this we start to understand the earths problems in maintaining its natural balance as when we had coal powered plants the air was polluted to a higher degree but we had far more trees and land able to soak up these impurities and replenish the air, but over the last few decades we have torn down BILLIONS of trees whole forests in many cases as well as ripping up more land for development. Yes we have planted a few trees to make ourselves feel better about destroying the vital network we have decimated, however the new trees will take decades to form new interweb systems to be of any real effect, some areas will never regain its interweb as the destruction of the network is so vast.

We now see sharks,dolphins,whales and whole schools of fish washed up onto our beaches, well maybe this is happening because of the change in sea temperature causing confusion to sea life. I do not claim to be an expert in sea life, but i would imagine they use the sea temperatures as part of their guidance system to travel from one area to another, it must have something to do with it as they do not have sign posts or any sort of landmarks to guide them in their travels. Could the shock of sudden hot water from power stations be causing the mass schools of fish that get washed up on beaches, if we think about keeping fish at home in a tank, we have to have the water at certain temperatures in order for the fish to survive ?, yet the sea life swim through cold waters then pass through hot waters returning back to cold, well i am no genius but i expect this will play havoc with their natural habitat .


The solution is SIMPLE, yet some think it is not. Build HYDRO power-stations, just imagine the sheer power the oceans have ?, build underneath and utilise the MASS POWER of the seas using it to power our energy plants as in HYDRO power plants, not only would this be great for earth but it would be an endless supply of FREE ENERGY ?. we also need to be controlling any production creating mass heat to get to the final product.regulate these markets, do not allow ANY essential service to be placed upon it.

Also we must stop building on large areas of land,as well as planting far more trees and shrubbery to reconnect the essential network as we have been destroying the very network that is key to our planets natural balance as well as our very survival.

Lets start actually trying to UNDERSTAND how earth works, then maybe we can look after it and it will look after us in return.

Here is one for you folks, we are TOLD oil is formed due to trees/plants being crushed under immense pressure and HEAT for MILLENNIUMS, if this is the case, then why do they find oil under the seas ?, how many TREES have you seen growing under the seas ?, look at any nature program and find me forests under the seas and the immense heat needed in cold oceans ?.I think the oil in earth is there for a reason and serves some sort of purpose, personally i think it acts as a cooling and lubrication agent for the natural movement of earths crust and plates.

ANYWAY take care folks, hope you enjoyed the article. or at very least it provoked thought within you.






MADAM AND EVILWhen did the gender issue really take hold and more to the point why ?, well although i wrote this myself it happens to be a good question. We are constantly bombarded with mixed messages of children being able to choose gender and sex.

We are told as parents we are responsible for them attending school, being on time and for their general behaviour during the time they attend school. So the school/GOVT and the education system expect YOU as a parent to have control over your children and have some sort of influence in order to be able to have them follow these basic commands of the school, GOVT and general education system.

If your children do not wear the UNIFORM then they and you as a parent will be PUNISHED by the said school with the backing of GOVT and the EDUCATION board, if your children do not attend the said school without good reason they are deemed to be AWOL > absent without leave ? and this again will result in some sort of punitive measure. If your children do not present the required social interaction skills then again punitive measures are imposed.  To me this sounds very much like the ARMY , but i could be wrong in my thinking.

So on one hand we are supposed to have total control of our children in order to make them comply with the educational system, yet on another we are told we should allow the same children who we MUST CONTROL to have control of their undeveloped minds regarding GENDER and SEXUALITY to roam free under their own wisdom, totally opposing the point of the education system they are indoctrinated within ?.

Let us take a moment to think about this, our children are being manipulated and controlled ALL DAY by the very people telling us we should allow these children to be free of gender and of the possible consequences that come with such decisions later in life. Surely i am not alone in thinking we must PROTECT our children and try our best to ensure they are of the mindset that will enrich and develop them from children through adolescence into the working and cruel world they will one day be a part of ?.

I myself made stupid choices as a child that come back and make me think to this day as i am sure many others do, yet we are expected to let our children walk around dressed as the opposite sex parading around as if it is harmless within the school environment, well one day these foolish choices will come back and haunt their minds in adult life, should they change their minds and stay the same GENDER/SEX as they are.

So imagine David as a child expressing his feminine side, going to school in a dress and claiming he wishes to be a girl?, then as he reaches puberty he wakes up and thinks, no I am a man and that’s what i want to be. then with today’s Facebook/twitter and other platforms, his old pics emerge destroying his friendships and standing he has built up over the years. Just imagine the mindset of David and drugs he will be on, due to the decisions he was allowed to make during his childhood.

This guy has spent years trying to get his head around his past and his thoughts during this period of his life, only to be on the receiving end of bullies of the present remembering his past .Surely we can all she this happening and being responsible for many suicides in the future ?.

Children are just that CHILDISH of the mind as well as making STUPID decisions, this is why we do not allow them to drive until they are of age. Also this is the VERY reason they need EDUCATING and this is why we employ TEACHERS to teach them right from wrong as well as the BASICS OF LIFE, their minds are already in a strange place, let us not make it more strange and let us BENEFIT their future, not lead them to destruction or suicide in years to come?.

WHY ???

Well i feel it is the next mass influence upon the masses since religion that can not be traced back to it roots, yet keeps the normal family household on tender-hooks as the authorities make sure they are not stepping out of line.Couple this with the fact GOVT want total control of the masses and you if cynically minded would come up with the DOCILE GENERATION ?. A generation of people who can not say or have opinion as it would be detrimental to their own purpose and being on this planet ?. You would create a generation of  for lack of a better description MISFITS, people who can not brand others apart from what they will refer to us THE RACISTS basically anyone who sees the planet is heading for disaster and has an ounce of common sense.

Let KIDS be kids, it is natures way of gaining experiences and qualities, allowing them to ruin their lives at this point is a FAILURE as a parent a GOVERNMENT and as an EDUCATION system as well as being detrimental to the future societies, life and structure on what we call planet earth.

Surely allowing children to choose their gender has more doubts and negatives than it does positives, a child’s mind needs nurturing not warping or manipulating ?.

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Ever since political parties emerged and became the norm in the system we now see, politicians of ALL parties have been on an even salary, yes even if not in power you will still receive your wages and be able to claim your expenses as normal.

The in-house party can probably earn far more in SO CALLED expenses and claim for secretaries and more, but so can the SO CALLED opposition, but it is a bit more questionable in today’s society, especially if they happen to be UKIP of a party of the RIGHT thinking.

So lets imagine this in a GAME SHOW scenario, if you win you get £100.000 but if you lose you get £100.000. Why would you bother even trying to win ?, what would be the point apart from personal gratification folks ?. Bookies would not exist and nor would ANY kind of sport as it would no longer be viable nor would it be fair to enforce such a system upon the people. Sports TV would no longer exist and the whole ASPECT of being in opposition would be destroyed in its entirety .

Yet here we are year after year, decade after decade paying the SAME WAGES to all political parties regardless of being in opposition or in power, then we wonder WHY nothing actually changes and NOTHING we vote for gets delivered, yet everything we OPPOSE gets invoked.

I have a new system to invoke a new system that would ENSURE the people are listened to and a system that will ensure the OPPOSITION are exactly what they claim to be, not some, we say it all yet deliver nothing parties as we have seen for decades now. It is a simple but fair system to all parties including the new up and coming parties that struggle to get backing and funding.

This new system requires a difference in pay structure between the in-house party and those who oppose them, the so-called HOLD THEM TO THE FIRE parties, in opposition would receive only half the pay of the in house party, yet would receive more in the way of advertising expenditure especially at GE.

This would ENSURE the political parties in opposition offer us a great deal and give us the electorate what we actually want and ask for, as they would want a better pay and the perks that go with the said positions ?,This would also ensure that the governing party does not ignore the electorate or take liberties with their in-house positions as we see at present.

This system should also be aligned with a new 3 year in-house GOVERNANCE period, any party doing the right thing in power would have nothing to worry about, yet those swinging the led or taking us as fools would be shipped out far quicker than they are now.

New political parties in opposition would receive more funding and would pay lesser rents and rates on their offices, also receiving funding to hold local meetings and the advertising for such meetings, allowing the smaller parties to grow and have their opinions and policies heard throughout their districts.

Any party wining a majority in local councils would be given the same deal. they would get better pay, yet would be open to removal on a yearly basis again ensuring they do right by their local council tax payer that at the moment is suffering in many ways, this would also lead to far more openness on why funding is not allocated and cut down on corruption.

Opposition must be encouraged and not trampled upon as the current system allows, also any foreign political alliances must NOT financially benefit a political party or party member, only expenditure should be paid, no extra pay or incentives should be accepted, any extra revenue should go to the GOVT pot with a percentage going to the local councils, but this must also be closely monitored by the opposition and not taken as an intensive for future goals of foreign dealings within the UK. Any party accepting such bribes or over expenditure would be removed from power ASAP and a by-election or GE would commence depending upon the severity of the funding and those guilty would be tried for TREASON and receive sensible prison terms, not as we have now.

I propose this system aligned with a 24/7 online expenditure account for every civil servant in the UK or employed by us, it is about time we RID THE ROT within politics and employed those who have our best interests at heart, not the PARTY OF LESSER EVIL as we do now?. Let us make changes let us make them for the better and let us make them changes count people, we CAN DO THIS.

Make our politicians WORK FOR US as they are supposed to people, we have lost track of them being OUR SERVANTS ?, let us make them DO THEIR JOBS .

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article

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CHRISTMAS DESTROYEDOnce upon a time in a once free country called  Great Britain, many children used to celebrate a special day of the year called Christmas. When all the parents would come together with family and friends to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ through the giving and receiving of presents as the whole family had fun and celebrations throughout the day.

Going back further in time people would all sing around the piano as the cold wind blew past the creaking windows (before double glazing folks), as the snow fell like tiny angels falling from heaven to make the day that bit more special, there would be a roast turkey in the oven and the vegetables cooking away as people enjoyed a few glasses of wine or a few beers to get the day off to a merry start.

Games would be played such as charades, board games and many more as the whole family celebrated the Christian values Britain once held. It was a day of forgiveness and forgetting the previous years arguments and the hardship of general life as people worked as slaves for the Government.

The smell of the Christmas tree, the tangerines and of course the roasting chestnuts, all on top of the smell of the roasting turkey, yes the air was alive with the smell of Christmas as were all our hearts and minds. Mother flapping around thinking she had forgotten to do something, dad sat having a few beers as he watches the children open their gifts, there little eyes lighting up with every wrapped gift just wondering what is inside. Mother would be behind the children with a bin bag clearing up the mess as she scurried around trying to make the day run as smoothly as possible.

Dad would go into the kitchen asking mother if she needed any help only to be told in no uncertain words to leave her kitchen and make sure all was well with the guests as her and her friends had a few cheeky wines in the kitchen as the waited for the dinner to cook, the sound of laughing cheering and mayhem coming from the kitchen as they all did their bit to make a dinner fit for kings.

I always remember the spirit and feel of Christmas day, it was magical in a way barely describable yet highly memorable, it was like something special had happened in the world and everyone was at peace and at ease if for only just one day, like nothing else in the world mattered apart from the people in your house having a good time and being that bit closer than normal for this joyous occasion just as most of the country did on this special day.

Even the build up to Christmas was magical, school would have the nativity plays on, ( I WAS ONE A PIGLET ) and of course we would have the school Christmas dinner, not nearly as good as home Christmas dinner, but it still was special, then we would have the Christmas party usually on the last day of term, all the school uniting, dancing, playing games and having a great old day. In those days we as pupils all had to contribute bringing in food and drink for the party, such as jam tarts, sausage rolls, orange juice and so on, all of us doing our little bit contributing towards the full event.

Even buying the Christmas tree was an event, the whole family going out to find a nice tree in the cold winter air, yet we didn’t notice it as the excitement took over our senses. I remember as a child i used to work with my dad and brother selling fruit & veg as well as Christmas trees and wreaths, I always got the job of selling the trees as i was good at it and some were not the best but with a bit of patter i could sell any tree to anyone, even this hard work was special at Christmas as the tunes would belt out of the radio singing along feeling the spirit growing by the hour. all the customers wishing us all the best as we gave them an extra special deal for the festive season and many would reward us with tips that somehow made you feel embarrassed to take yet honoured to be given if that makes any sense.

We used to have the dressing of the tree as we made the decorations, yes we made them out of crate paper, we had the same fairy to go on the top my sister made years ago, tradition was a big thing back then folks.We would be allowed a little drink of booze as we put up the decorations with the Christmas tunes pumping out, our tree day was always the 1st of December and still is to this day, as i said tradition was a big thing and still is in my heart and mind, we should not be letting them go for anybody or anything.

Anyway getting back to it, Dad and the men would usually slope off to the pub allowing mother sister and friends to enjoy themselves as they turned everything down knowing the men would be late back as always from the boozer, but the fun was none stop as the ladies got merry all laughing and joking as they gave us the odd slurp from their glasses saying oh go on then it is Christmas.

Mother would give us the orders to keep out of the way as time approached for the men to return, so now was the dishing out of the feast, our stomachs aching as the smells waft from the kitchen listening as the sound of clattering and pans stemmed from the kitchen on top of the voices declaring they had done one dish after another. Then the familiar voices of the men would become apparent as they staggered back to the door all laughing and stumbling in as the cold air blasted in, rubbing their hands together and shouting into the kitchen we are starving as they took their coats off and found their places to sit, some at the table, the rest wherever they could find a seat.

The kitchen door opens and the food starts coming out in large dishes,bowls and anything else laid to hand, all filling the table steam rising from it as we try to get a look, but mother orders all to wait as our mouths water because this is not just dinner, this is Christmas dinner and the full Monty will be on it from pigs in blankets to gammon,turkey,pork,beef as well as a ton of veg all topped off with home-made gravy and all the different kinds of sources we could want, huge Yorkshire puddings with all different kinds of stuffing, it was a feast fit for a king as usual as we all fill our plates as high as we can manage, our eyes always way too big for our bellies, but we just couldn’t resist.

We would all sit there stuffing our faces as the banter continued all laughing as we devoured this feast our mother and friends had made for us, everyone saying how fantastic the feast was to my mother making her smile just that bit more than usual. After eating their huge dinner many would look twice the size they usually were sitting there rubbing their bellies as they slurped down something alcoholic, us children getting smowballs (THIS IS A DRINK) and loving them. The celebrations would go on till late at night with all doing their bit.

Well folks i could go on for ages on the details, but i just want you to have a taste of what it was like before Christmas was destroyed in Britain. Now you may think i am exaggerating here so let us look at Christmas now, well the school nativity is few and far between, the simple word CHRISTMAS is ignored in favour of such things as seasons greetings or festive spirits and so forth. Not to mention the constant articles in local news MSM of OTHER FAITHS being offended by us celebrating OUR historical cultures and heritage by the simple word of CHRISTMAS.

So who exactly are these people who do not like our ways and wish for them to be destroyed ?, well i can not imagine it being the BUDDHISTS, CHRISTIANS or even ATHEISTS for the most, so this leaves us with two religions being JUDAISM AND ISLAM ?. Now neither celebrate Christmas nor do they recognise the faith many hold of this celebration or many things associated with it such as pigs in blankets and drinking as well as Carols of a Christian nature.

So who do we think is trying to change and rid our cultures ways and heritage ?, well i will not give the answer although it is blindingly obvious to most. The question should be why are they wishing to live in a country that in which they despise its core values and ways ?, more to the point why are GOVT allowing this to be acceptable ?, surely anyone wanting to live or reside in Britain should respect and participate in the cultures ways and values of the said country, just as we would in any other country of differing values, religion or ways.

I will make one point regarding this whole demoralization,destruction,demise and general lack of respect for our ways, this point being only TWO RELIGIONS have had special laws made to protect them as they take our religion from us (IN MY OPINION) those being Islam with ISLAMOPHOBIA and Judaism with XENOPHOBIA. So why would these so-called peaceful religions need such LAWS well statues to be fair.

Let us be honest we as a country have embraced many cultures and ways ?, but we will not have our own ways SACRIFICED to  accommodate another’s ?

As of 2010 the latest figures i have to hand at the point of writing this are that of being

  • Christians: 2010: 64%, 2050: 45%
  • Muslims: 2010: 5%, 2050: 11%
  • Hindus: 2010: 1.4%, 2050: 2%
  • Jews: 2010: 0.5%, 2050: 0.3%
  • Buddhists: 2010: 0.4%, 2050: 0.9%
  • Folk religions: 2010: 0.1%, 2050: 0.3%
  • No religion: 2010: 28%, 2050: 39%
  • So as you see between Muslims and Jews they amount to less than 6% of the British population, yet the rest of the country is being subdued and BULLIED into giving up their heritage in order to keep a tiny minority happy, just imagine when they get to 20/30 or 40% of the population.
  • Things need to change, we MUST hold GOVT to account on such issues or we will see CHRISTMAS and our heritage disappear before our very eyes.
  • There are many people out there who think JEWS & MUSLIMS run the world, well to be fair when we take a look at the facts and figures, they may well just be right ?.


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