blog picso we are told that we need to stop using or be limited to the amount of time we spend on the net due to the burden we pose to the national grid, blackouts will be inevitable if we don’t stop using our internet ??

so lets say this is the case and we all need to be limited (when we all know it isn’t), then WHY is it a FACT our automotive industry is hell-bent on producing electrically propelled cars ???, advised by the same people wanting to reduce INTERNET usage?? seems something a bit dodgy going on to me. surely the (SO CALLED) fact we face blackouts due to our search for INFO AND FACTS would be far less electrically draining than millions of cars/vehicles running off the stuff? or am i being ignorant ?, forgive me for sounding like a conspiracy theorist but i have my doubts as to the agenda behind these measures , seems to me it is a case of restricting and controlling the people and the info they research ? especially when GOVT are trying to water down the FOIA act, yet have used the RIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN act to its full potential, many articles of lets say darker stories seem to have vanished from the net??

then we have the EU who fine us time after time for not reaching air quality targets, yet the same EU import billions of goods from one of the worlds biggest polluters, yes China makes the UK minuscule when it comes to pollution, but that does not stop our EU friends from dealing with them. nor does it stop them from the TTIP deal and importing billions of goods from if CLIMATE CHANGE is as bad as they say, then why do the EU not have trading sanctions in place against the worlds biggest polluters ???, would it be because they would lose lots of money ?? or is it because they just don’t know about their pollution ?

it was once called GLOBAL WARMING, but many realised the GLOBE/EARTH is actually cooling, so another name had to be introduced that could not be proven wrong, so CLIMATE CHANGE is the new taxation system. just like the war on TERRORISM. the climate will ALWAYS change,MANY call this MOTHER NATURE ? a never-ending system that works on many levels, rain/wind/sun/snow, it’s a win win for the elite at the top, money for old rope as we say. bet they are laughing all the way to the bank ??  but obviously not a bank within the EU, as they are so close to collapse.

i could go on, but just a quick post to have my rant as they say. please have a think about my post and reply if you so wish.

thank you for reading folk :))))


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