222  we are constantly told that there are no links between ISIS and ISLAM? so why is this then?. i am sure if many ASDA employees went around killing innocent people in the name of ASDA, and the god of SMART PRICE especially over a prolonged period of time without them constantly condemning it and distancing themselves from it, many including media/press would be all over it, linking the shocking barbaric atrocities to them ?, yet it seems ISLAM has its own protective shield, that protective shield is called POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. this amazing tool warrants anyone to do as they please as long as they are not white/British?

it also seems that GOVT forgot to inform the people that ISIS actually used to be AL-QAEDA , PLEASE CHECK OUT THE LINK FOR MORE INFO >>> ISIS used to be al-Qaeda in Iraq and as many who have researched will know that the US with the backing of BRITAIN and special forces actually formed them. yes its hard to believe for here is a link >>>> America Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS Terror Group <<<,, but bearing in mind the SO CALLED leader of this outfit was called Osama bin laden. one of the dangerous men on the planet ????, yet this man’s family have a booming business building skyscrapers in AMERICA and  Saudi Arabia, HARD TO BELIEVE  i know, so here is another link >>> Bin Laden Group to build world’s tallest tower <<, now if we think about the links between BRITAIN/US/SAUDI we start to get the picture, seems we have had the wool pulled over our eyes, a shame RIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN exists as this has been used to delete many truths that should be exposed.

this is just a short article to get you thinking about the lengths some will go, lets not pretend otherwise people. we live in a world of dark and deceitful politics, its time to wake up, join the dots and stop believing the lies and spin we are bombarded with every day

here is one more link people >>>>> Bin Laden & Al-Qaeda: U.S. Govt. Creations<<<< so don’t always believe what you read , do some research. it is getting harder, but do your bit people, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER ???

always follow the money and always research the paths these evil people have taken to get there ??

hope you enjoyed this article, please let me know if you didn’t, but let others know if you did :))


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