news-graphics-2007-_442407a we are constantly told immigration is hugely beneficial to BRITAIN ?. so lets take a minuet to actually have a think about this.

since the invasion of Britain from immigrants we have had many benefits, yes i know you are thinking i don’t think so ?? but if it were not for immigrants we would not have such a high level of ATM crime, around 95% committed by ROMANIAN immigrants. now just think if it was not for them other people would be better off?? thus bringing the standard of living down to AUSTERITY levels so we are ALL struggling, well apart from the elite as usual, a level playing field as they say ???

immigration also brings the benefits of waiting longer for a doctors appointment, so you are either better by the time you see your GP, or you are dead, either way easing the burden on the NHS??? doctors still have to work longer hours/nurses are at the end of their tether. again just another benefit of the open door immigration system.

local school placements are no longer available to many, thus making people travel further to drop off their children  at school. so whilst us British have to travel further as the immigrants seem to get preferential treatment, we are getting fitter ??, whilst the immigrants just walk around the will end up obese  again another benefit of immigration . but no doubt in later years a drain on the NHS, but that’s just a small price to pay for such benefits now.

then we have the benefits system and what a system we have, seems those who have not contributed will have all, not only have it all, but be paid for family that DON’T ACTUALLY LIVE IN BRITAIN, yet those who cant get work due to mass immigration suffer the most. even disabled people do not escape the benefits of mass immigration, as they are forced to attend back to work assessments, who cares if they have oxygen bottles or can not move or even speak ???, the fresh air and stress of the situation will do them good ??. who cares that all OUR jobs will be on the EU data base and dramatically reduce employment prospects ??. its for the common good of mass immigration.

then we have the benefit of the trafficking gangs, they bring abuse/drugs/prostitutes and general misery to many in BRITAIN. they ship untold amounts of people into Britain, it seems they are actually providing a service, as we just don’t have enough drugs/crime and prostitution in OUR country. so they are providing more than we ever imagined.

then immigration brings us the benefit of terrorism, but not just that, we have a system of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS that accompanies it, so not only do we have people being tortured/raped/murdered/trafficked in front of our eyes, we have the added benefit of having our freedom of speech taken away from us. as even though we know what is actually going on, anyone who points out the OBVIOUS is branded a racist, an amazing system in anyone’s eyes ??.

yet GOVT and the EU think we need more of this open door immigration stuff, and why not??. seems the EUROPEAN PROJECT is of far greater significance than OUR welfare/lives and future. and its hard to disagree when you way up the facts ???

i nearly forgot, apparently IMMIGRANTS have helped the economy in such a huge way???. that’s why CAMERON and OSBORNE have DOUBLED that’s right DOUBLED our national debt

so after thinking about IMMIGRATION and open borders, i feel so safe and secure in the way OUR so called GOVT and the EU are running things, all they need to do to put the cherry on the top is to actually evict us BRITS from the country and job done ???



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