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Theresa May has said BREXIT is BREXIT, yet has delivered nothing but spin and words. Nothing has been presented to the public regarding the direction or aims of the so-called BREXIT TEAM from the TORIES. What we do have is a lot of infighting and delaying ARTICLE 50 invocation.

Many reasons are given for the delay in invoking article 50, these range from strategical position to planning and even the legitimacy of the vote.But the question has to be asked WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM BREXIT Theresa May?.

We have backbenchers and ROMOANERS calling the shots, we have May saying she is calling the shots. but WHO is actually calling the shots ? and what shots are actually being called ?. Are we to simply take the word of Theresa May regarding the SECRECY behind BREXIT negotiations and the outcome she desires?.

Surely all who voted BREXIT understood this would mean LEAVING the single market and ALLOWING the European Union to trade with us if they so wish UNDER OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS. We simply do not need the SINGLE MARKET, it needs us to simply survive, especially after we withdraw our contribution to it.

I would have though this would be the time for UKIP to gain ground and devour both LABOUR AND TORY support, but no UKIP have decided to make a TOTAL HASH of the biggest opportunity it has ever had to hold the TORIES to account. They had an election and after voting decided Diana James would be leader, only for her to not ACTUALLY take the position,ON TOP of all this Steven Woolfe and Mike Hookem decided to behave like a pair of MORONS. This is like some kind of COMEDY GOLD show.

Then we have Labour , well what can i say the fact they have CORBYN as leader should speak volumes to anyone with sense. this man could DIVED THE SEAS never mind the party. yet Labour are stuck with him for now, but this doesn’t help with the BALANCE OF POWER, the TORIES hold it all in the palm of their hands and we sit back HOPING AND PRAYING they do the right thing by BREXIT.

I had better mention Mr FARRON, yes he does exist, he happens to be the leader of Lib Dems. the party that PROMISED no TUITION FEES then deliver TUITION FEES. I think enough has been said about this party.

I feel BREXITEERS have only one other person apart from FARAGE to force the hand of TORIES with BREXIT, this person is PAUL NUTTALL, but as i understand it, he is VERY unlikely to stand.

So put yourself in Theresa May’s shoes and think what you would do. WHY should she give us HARD BREXIT when she has no pressure to do so, Why should she split the TORIES over BREXIT?. So after reading this i think you will come to the same conclusion i have, Theresa May will tell us what we WANT TO HEAR until it is too late to stop her doing it HER WAY?.


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