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WHY DO YOU PAY TAXES ??, just ask yourself this simple question .

So lets begin, the reason you pdownloaday TAXES are, you ASSUME THEY ARE NEEDED/ACCOUNTED FOR/LEGITIMATE AND MORALLY SOUND oh and the LAW ??. Well lets take a look at this TAXATION OF THE NATION. what do we get taxed for and more to the point WHY ??????.

When TAXATION first reared its ugly head it was to HELP THE NATION we needed to rebuild infrastructure/housing/schools/hospitals and so forth, so the GOVERNMENT > ACTUALLY ASKED US TO CONTRIBUTE??,It was said to be a TEMPORARY MEASURE so we agreed as we thought it was, and here it is >> MORALLY RIGHT ????????? . This is when someone within power realised, we can get MONEY from the people without threats simply through playing with their EMOTIONS, making it ETHICAL/MORALLY RIGHT, doing good by your fellow man.

So they brought in more TAXES and more until we have lost count of how many TAXES we actually pay. If we actually looked into TAXATION we would realise that we are HAEMORRHAGING over 75% of our hard earned cash in TAXATION to a GOVERNMENT that ignores most of our wishes and needs.

Look at it this way> TRY and find TEN THINGS you may use or own that are NOT TAXED?, I bet you chmrc_2552272bant.Even the AIR AROUND YOU IS TAXED, and i am about to come to this and WHY.

So remembering how EASILY WE ARE MANIPULATED through MORALS , this is the key to extracting HUGE SUMS OUR WEALTH from us into the hands of the ELITE, the very richest in society.But the best thing is , there is no way of PROVING all this TAX goes were they say it does?, GOVT produce figures, THE SAME PEOPLE MANIPULATING US, and the MSM/OFFICIALS all take it as correct/official and above MUST BE RIGHT AND ABOVE BOARD> THE GOVERNMENT SAID.

So getting back to the MORAL aspect, they have come to realise> we are EMOTIONAL/CARING PEOPLE ?, so this is EXACTLY how they target us. the best example of this being GREEN TAXES, this is a blinder, TAXING FRESH AIR in the name of  what was once > GLOBAL WARMING> but proven to be a LIE, so it was changed to CLIMATE CHANGE, and many actually fall for this CRAP, we MUST save the planet ??> SEE THE EMOTIONAL ANGLE??, same as the CARRIER BAG TAX?, apparently DOLPHINS were getting killed by them ?, notice how they use DOLPHINS??> aww little cute dolphins, not SHARKS, as this wouldn’t work.

But in this world or GENIUSES we didn’t think > LETS USE PAPER BAGS, just to follow the narrative being pushed, we said LETS TAX IT?, same with SUGAR, we didn’t say to manufacturers> use less> WE TAXED IT.are you folks GETTING IT YET?, surely BANNING PLASTIC BAGS would make more sense ?, but here it is folks > as far as i am aware MONSANTO own all patents on ALL PLASTICS so they would lose billions, talk about ALL IN IT TOGETHER.

The ELITE in life think up more ways to tax us all day everyday, they are not happy with us having a few £££££s in our pocket, they want it all, HENCE the GREEN TAXATION, i have to say this is a BRILLIANT CON, these lot got to the end of trying to tax us more on what they already do. I bet someone said it as a joke?, LETS TAX FRESH AIR and one little boffin said, i actually think we could, and this is how it began.

If what i have said isn’t convincing enough, just take a look at IMMIGRATION, once we had got news of the RAPES WITHIN EUROPE the people changed opinion on having these kind of MONSTERS in our country?, so what is the AGENDA being pushed by both MSM AND GOVT??, we have a MORAL OBLIGATION regardless of the consequences.

The moral to this article is > BE MORALLY FOOLED INTO ALLOWING THE FUTURE GENERATIONS to suffer untold atrocities, just because YOU DON’T WANT TO LOOK BAD ??.

Thank you for reading this folks, hope you enjoyed it, PLEASE PLEASE get this out usual feel free to comment :))



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