READ OR DONT >> your choice folks ????

Here we go folks, we have a very fragile yet KNOWING situation on our hands ?, this situation being

We the people>> REGARDLESS if you vote
d in or out have made a DEMOCRATIC decision to leave the EU ?. Now i agree to some this result is hard to swallow and i understand this, but the people had the CHANCE to vote and i am sure MOST knew the consequences of this decision, yet SOME mainly those wanting to REMAIN find the democratic system VILE when it goes against their narrative.

Please bear in mind that the Dthe-story-of-how-i-was-wrong-1-728.jpgECISION for us to have the REFERENDUM was actually voted on and given the goahead by politicians who must have ASSUMED we would remain.

You may ask WHY i think this way ? and rightly so. So here it is, IF the vote had been REMAIN would we have these people demanding a re vote/recount or as they ARE a simple DENIAL of the peoples will and the ELECTORAL system ?, i think not.

We have a party IRONICALLY named the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS, i say ironically because they are opposing the very FOUNDATIONS and stature of their parties names and aims ?. they do this under the GUISE of > WE ARE THICK?, we didn’t know what we voted for ?.

Then we have LABOUR ?, the WORKING persons party , what a load of UTTER CRAP, if LABOUR cared about you/your family or the WORKING people, they would have NEVER allowed MASS MIGRATION to flood Britain, driving down wages,taking up homes,dentists,doctors,schools> YET ALL DENIED, but this isn’t the end to their LEGACY, they CONTINUE under a very strange LEADER demand we accept >> MORE MIGRATION, the MONSTER RAVING LOONY PARTY made more sense than they do at the moment.

Then we have the TORIES, oh the TORIES, well lets say it as it is ???> they RAN BREXIT ?, they VOTED on if we could have OUR vote on BREXIT ?, then they PLACED THERESA MAY into power and DITHERED PURPOSELY on A50 in order to allow > CERTAIN PEOPLE the chance to SCUPPER the democratic vote ?. Then MAY bangs on > BREXIT IS BREXIT ?, yet offers NOTHING ? absolutely NOTHING to back it ?.

Lets be fair here, WHAT IS BREXIT in the eyes of THERESA MAY ?, as i see it, it is basically TALK CRAP AND DO NOTHING, as you ALLOW others the opportunity to DESTROY what the electorate voted for ?.seems MAY talks A LOT yet delivers >> NOTHING ??, please tell me if i am wrong ?, MONTHS in power and we are no closer to BREXIT than we were BEFORE the referendum ?, IN FACT we are further away ?, we didn’t have some JUMPED UP leftist going to court and demanding > THOSE WANTING TO REMAIN have the final say on BREXIT.

Now lets bear in mind ALL these parties want us to REMAIN within the EUROPEAN UNION ?, the same UNION that is ALLOWING mass immigration of its MEMBER STATES. This in turn is giving way and ACCEPTING on a HUGE scale >> RAPE/MUGGINGS/PICKPOCKETING/VIOLENCE/POVERTY/DEBT OF MEMBER STATES/HUGE TAXATION/CONTROL AND POSSESSION OF MEMBER STATES WEALTH AND ASSETS . The FUTURE is not bright and it is not HEALTHY within the EUROPEAN UNION folks.Many bang on about the working time directive ?? well PLEASE ask me what this is TRULY about ??.

Then we have UKIP, a party that WAS for the people, a party that i held VERY close to my heart and had VERY high hopes for UNTIL >> AARON BANKS started calling the shots, it WAS UKIP, but i FEEL it is now the > DANCE TO AARON BANKS show or he will pull funding party ?, again please tell me if i am wrong ?? .

We must ask ourselves exactly WHO do our politicians work for ??, as i HONESTLY don’t think they work for us anymore, those days have LONG GONE people. it seems BIG BUSINESS rules the world and rules BRITAIN?? we had RUPERT MURDOCH trying to buy MORE news outlets ??, COME ON PEOPLE, please WAKE UP .we have the NHS tied to HUGE CORPORATIONS buying medication at HUGE PRICES as well as HIRING or OUTSOURCING others to do the work >> THEY CAN DO???.

So what DO WE HAVE folks ?, this has to be the question ??? . my thinking is > WE HAVE NOTHING absolutely NOTHING, we as people are treat with UTTER CONTEMPT from those WE EMPLOY > yes we actually PAY THESE POLITICIANS to ignore us, well WHY ? ASK YOURSELF WHY ??? , if you had a business and you HIRED an >(MD) would you SACK this person if he IGNORED you and went AGAINST YOUR WISHES ??, no doubt about it. SACKED ON THE SPOT??, yet we ALLOW these who WE EMPLOY>> politicians/councillors to TELL US>>> THEIR BOSS what to do ??, this is BAZAAR to say the least ??.

So i think what i am trying to say is > WE MUST STAND UP/the time is FAST approaching when we will all be in DEEP TROUBLE if left to these MUPPETS ??, we have many issues on our hands, the WORLD is heading for a HUGE CRASH and yet >> OUR politicians are saying NOTHING, come on people we are heading for DIAR TIMES unless we stand up.

This situation reminds me of the song > Hotel California, you can check out ANYTIME you like but you can >> NEVER LEAVE ???? .

If you like thi, then please let me know, if you don’t, then please do the same. but MOST IMPORTANTLY get this out there and >> DO SOMETHING FOLKS ??????????????


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