It is a fairly straight forward question ?, do you see what is in front of you, or do you see WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE ???

Here is a simple experiment to help you understand the direction i am going with this. Take a look at the little girl within the picture below, focus on the girl and without moving your eyes, count how many soldiers are in the picture. Little+Soldier+Girl+-+Paige+in+Formation.jpg

Now this is a fairly small picture, yet you HAD TO move your eyes in order to count the soldiers ?. You may think this is because there are many soldiers ?, so try it again, look at the girl’s dress and WITHOUT moving your eyes, count how many trees are in the picture ?.Same result, you couldn’t count the trees WITHOUT diverting your eyes.Try this with any picture and you will get the same results, IF YOU ARE HONEST .

So we have to ask why is this so, we can look across a field and see all ?, yet we have to divert our eyes in such a tiny amount of space.I am sure some will put this down to FOCUS and yes it is PARTLY responsible, but it is the MIND that generates the image into view, so bearing in mind you looked FULLY at the picture before focusing on the girl, surely you would have had SOME idea to at least how many trees you could see.

Now let’s take another look at what we THINK we see, you may buy a silver car and your friend thinks it’s a very pale blue or grey ?.

Why is this ?, the object, in this case being the car is SILVER ?, but is it ?. YOUR perception of it is silver yet others think it is GREY/BLUE. So what colour is it ?, well this all depends on YOUR brain’s perception of colours it has seen before and the brain’s ability to decode the info it THINKS it sees and translate that into the colour you see before you.

Now we could say this is down to personal PREFERENCE ?, so let’s take a COLOURBLIND person and we will see a VAST difference between what you THINK you see and what they THINK they see. For example, many colourblind people assume RED is BROWN/ GREEN is BLUE and so forth.So their brain is decoding the info it recieves into something COMPLETELY different to yours.

So let’s put a twist to this, let’s say WE are colour blind and the person we ASSUME to be colorblind isn’t ?. Now tell me what colour the car is ?. The car is WHATEVER colour your brain WANTS it to be ?. this is the simple logic behind it.

Now let’s get back to the picture and try and understand WHY we couldn’t answer the SIMPLE questions without moving our eyes.Is it because we focused ? or is because OUR BRAIN decodes what we THINK we see at that moment in time ?.

Now let’s go one step further. If everthing and i mean EVERYTHING is made from ATOMS & ELECTRONS as they APPARENTLY,circling each other in a continuous movement and not solid in any shape or form.Going by this SCIENTIFIC logic how can ANYTHING be solid ?, think logically on this one. if we are to go by SCIENCE with the atom & electron, then SURELY nothing can physically be a solid mass ?.

But we see them and feel them ?????, or DO WE ??, that’s the point here.We assume something is solid as we can SEE it or FEEL it ?, yet as i have just proven in the small picture above, we only THINK we see all, we had to LOOK CLOSELY at a very small picture to get BASIC info.So if we put this into perspective of life, we THINK we see HUGE images everyday and MILLIONS of them ?, but again i ask DO WE SEE THEM ?.

I honestly think we don’t, we EXIST only in mind and we EXPERIENCE the brains decoding of an ILLUSION.

This is a short article to get you thinking, please let me know if you liked it.I hope it has pushed the boundaries of your thinking and has opened up new possibilities for you.

Please let me know if you would like me to go further into this.


Thank you for reading



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