Well science tells us GRAVITY is a magnetic force keeping us and all on the PLANET EARTH.

So let’s go with SCIENCE even though i have little respect for it in many cases as much of it are THEORIES , just as it is with GRAVITY ??,

We are told a man called ISAAC NEWTON gravity-is-a-liediscovered gravity and what its effects are after seeing an APPLE fall from a tree.Well i am here to say this is UTTER RUBBISH.

So let’s go with Newton’s THEORY and that’s all it is a theory ?? no PROOF whatsoever exists to this day to conclusively PROVE GRAVITY.But for the sake of this article we will go along with Newton’s theory.

Now Newton’s THEORY is basically we are stuck to earth due to a MAGNETIC force or an ATTRACTION of sorts ?.

Now this would make sense if we didn’t have MASS or G FORCE on planet earth,yes that’s right MASS and G FORCE will destroy NEWTON’S GRAVITY theory.

It is simple enough to PROVE gravity is NOT keeping us on the earth, TWO very simple experiments with ONE BASIC ITEM will solve this for you.

Get a MAGNET of a sensible size and place some objects onto a table, start with something small like paper clips, and gradually work up in MASS to something heavy like a bike. So a very simple experiment ANYONE can do at home.

Now place the magnet over the paper clip, you will see the magnet drags it off the table with ease ?, A VERY STRONG GRAVITATIONAL FORCE,then work your way along the objects from smaller lighter items to larger heavy items and you will find out ONE THING. the MAGNETIC FIELD is far more powerful on SMALLER items of LESS MASS and the heavier higher MASS items are barely affected by the MAGNETIC field, as in they wont be lifted from the table ?. the larger items will NOT lift off the table with the magnet.

SO experiment TWO, find a large open area such as a field and take the same items you have used for the table experiment with you. Now start with the heavier HIGHER MASS items and stick them to the magnet. Now hold the magnet in your hand and SPIN AROUND as fast as you can, you will WITNESS the HEAVIER HIGHER MASS items will easily drop off the magnet even at slow speeds ?, yet the LIGHTER items of LESS MASS such as a paper clip will stick to the magnet regardless of how fast you spin.

So by doing this simple experiment you will have discovered that items of HIGH MASS are much easier to lose GRAVITATIONAL PULL than items of LESSER MASS ?.

Now we turn this experiment to the PLANET EARTH and we apply the same to the things around us, bearing in mind the earth is APPARENTLY spinning at high speeds, thus HAMPERING the theory of GRAVITY ?, as if the earth is spinning then G FORCE will be trying to drag all from earth as it was in the field experiment ?.

So bearing in mind your two experiments and the SUPPOSED LAWS OF GRAVITY, what items should be EASIER to pull away from the GRAVITY of earth ??, the HEAVIER HIGHER MASS ITEMS surely should succumb to G FORCE and fail under the THEORY OF GRAVITY ?. YOU did the experiments ?, you acted as the EARTH SPINNING in experiment TWO and you acted as GRAVITY with the magnet in experiment one ?.

So why is it that GRAVITY is not acting as it should ??, surely the smaller items on EARTH should be nearly impossible to lift due to the GRAVITATIONAL PULL and the larger items with GREATER MASS should be easy to lift ?.Yet as we see the OPPOSITE is the case.

Let’s look at a bike wheel , we turn the bike upside down and we place water on the back wheel, then turn the pedals and watch as the water is propelled/displaced from the tyre ?, try this with heavier items such as MUD/SOIL, you will see it leaves the tire even faster as it has MORE MASS and is propelled by G FORCE ?

So what we find is, we can’t have G FORCE and GRAVITATIONAL PULL working against each other as it wouldn’t work.

The larger and heavier the item on earth, THE LIGHTER IT WOULD BE with G FORCE ?, (THE EARTH SPINNING) as G FORCE is dragging such items away from the SPINNING EARTH ?, yet if we go with the IMMENSE pull of GRAVITY then the SMALLER ITEMS on earth would be IMPOSSIBLE to lift and the HEAVIER OF GREATER MASS would be easier to lift ?.

So hopefully i have CLEARED UP the MYTH OF GRAVITY and placed some thoughts into your mind to help you see WE ARE BEING FOOLED by SCIENCE into believing the IMPOSSIBLE is normal?.

please feel free to comment or ask questions.

if you would like MORE on this subject then please say.


many thanks for reading

GAV :))



  1. Funny you say that. Your theory is correct and did you know the Nazi’s developed a flying saucer which uses two-disc “spinning” in opposite directions to cause lift. In effect it had the effect of no mass. The scientists working on this disappeared. I may have this wrong but there are photos of the flying saucers.


    • Thank you for your comment Graham, yes i have also heard of such inventions and the people involved SUDDENLY disappearing.They did actually think the world was flat, until some boffin decided it was ROUND, it was then that they NEEDED an explanation to why we didn’t fall off> THUS GRAVITY.If you look into science you will find in MANY cases, the THEORY is accepted and then the EXPLANATION and mathematical equation is then searched for to back the claim.


  2. by the way, Antarctica is now believed to be the “lost civilisation” that were far more advanced than us. a polar slip caused the continent to be covered with ice. It is thought that they built the pyramids 11500 years ago. How did they lift 70 ton blocks? with mm precision ? how about with flying saucers?


  3. 1) Gravity isn’t a magnetic force; Gravity is the gravitational force, 1 of 4 that exist in the universe. The magnetic force, which arises from the electromagnetic force, is substantially stronger than the gravitational force. Magnetism arises from the force of attraction between 2 oppositely charged particles; a postive and negative charge are attracted to one another, whereas a positive and a positive repel one another. Gravity isn’t repulsive; it relies on mass.

    2) We don’t spin off the earth due to its rotation in the same way you don’t fly out of a car at 30 mph if your car is travelling at 30 mph. When in a car going at a constant speed, you can treat yourself [mathematically speaking] as being stationary. It’s when the car stops, or brakes, or accelerates that you feel the force, as you are still travelling at 30 mph. We’re rotating at the same speed as the Earth is, thus we don’t experience the centrifugal force you describe.

    3) In the field experiment, you can look at the forces at play. There is gravity, pulling down, and the magnetic force pulling up. The magnetic force DOES NOT DEPEND ON MASS, whereas gravity does. Increasing the mass, but keeping the magnetic force at a rough constant, will obviously result in the gravitational force ‘winning’ the battle and causes it to fall.

    I appreciate you’re questioning stuff like this and not taking it at face value, that’s what science is all about, asking questions.


    • So if we are to go by your THEORY, the same as GRAVITY ?, when on a WALTZER G FORCE is trying to throw you out and is far stronger than > SO CALLED GRAVITY,this is why you are stuck to the back of the seat ?.So if we put this into perspective of the earth spinning at over 1000 mph it makes no sense at all.I would suggest this puts the car at 30 mph theory into doubt, It also does not in ANY WAY prove gravity ?. Please understand i do not want theories, i want ACTUAL PROOF, if someone can offer me this, then i will agree.


      • I don’t understand what you’re saying really so I’m gonna do my best to decipher what i can. I study astrophysics at university, and I’m about to spend the next 3 years of my life working towards a doctorate. Gravity, as a force, isn’t a theory. Gravity is unanimously agreed to be real by the entirety of the credible scientific community, and the rest of the world. It’s the theory of General Relativity that is a theory; the closest thing we have to proof of the theory of GR being correct is the detection of gravitational waves: a real world proof that gravity exists.

        F = M x A : This is the equation for a force. M is the mass of the object; A is the acceleration. F is the resultant force.

        The Earth is spinning fast. Yes. It is spinning at a constant velocity. A constant velocity means that there is no acceleration. A= 0.

        Let’s take a human weighing 90kg.

        F = 90 x 0 = 0. No force is felt on the human in the direction of rotation. We do not fly off.

        Let’s take a building weighing 100000kg.

        F = 100000kg x 0 = 0. Same thing; no force felt.

        That simple mathematical equation is real. I’ve derived it from bare-bones calculus a hundred times.


  4. But as you STATE numerous times, it is a THEORY ?, so it is NOT PROVEN, please offer proof. If you can not prove the THEORY OF GRAVITY then you can not say with any certainty that it even exists.
    It is the same with EVOLUTION, no proof whatsoever, just another THEORY. I am sure if you get some boffins in a room and make something sound PLAUSIBLE most would agree it COULD BE TRUE, but this however does NOT prove that it is the case.
    So we base the EARTH on a theory that has no EVIDENCE to back it, apart from a man seeing an apple fall from a tree.
    It laughable to be honest to think the scientific world of BOFFINS actually agree on something they can neither prove or confirm.


  5. Gravitational microlensing: light passing by a source of extreme mass curves around it and can become visible. Without gravity, this wouldn’t be possible. Without the gravitational attraction of the moon, we wouldn’t have ocean tides. The fact that clocks inside GPS satellites need to be altered to be correct due to time dilation [google it] induced by the low gravity in space. The fact that the solar system orbit can be modeled almost precisely using Newton’s mathematics, the exact same equations that can be used to find precisely how far a ball goes when you throw it.


  6. Reblogged this on In the Dark and commented:
    The writer of this post invites readers to share it, so I’m doing so now.
    Anyone with any knowledge of physics whatsoever (even pre-GCSE) is invited to comment on the “theory” presented in the post.

    Is it now official UKIP policy to repeal the laws of gravity?


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