Please read the full article  and research the information i am supplying and suggesting before dismissing what i am about to suggest.

Like many people especially scientists, i too have looked into the CAVENDISH EXPERIMENT and on face value yes all seems to point to a GRAVITATIONAL PULL, but i put it to you people reading this article, that this is not the case and in fact FERROUS METALS provide the effect we see during this experiment.

I know this coming from me is sounding NUTS to say the least, but please bear with me and all will come apparent.

I know you are all SCREAMING some used STAINLESS STEEL AND LEAD, and i agree they did, but what you may NOT KNOW is, NO METAL REGARDLESS OF ITS PURITY IS 100% NON FERROUS, it is simply impossible to be so.

I know this due to working in the metals/steel industry for some years.You get different grades of steel, take stainless steels for example, these can be checked out and so can their quality and likely amount of ferrous metals contained within their structure. Stainless steel has to have something called a TEST CERT, a certificate of purity if you like as well as endurance/destruction and pressure testing.

Stainless steel is thought to be > as suggested STAINLESS and NON FERROUS ?. well it isn’t.




as well as many others as you will see in the provided link.

Please investigate my claims here, do NOT take what i say for granted as they do WITH SCIENCE .So even with the HIGHEST QUALITY stainless steel it contains traces of FERROUS METALS these are very small but they still are moulded into the structure of the steel.

The same goes for ALL METALS regardless of the APPARENT none MAGNETIC FIELD,  they all still have one , even GOLD isn’t 100% pure.

Now some will be saying  BUT HE USED ROCKS/BRICKS??, again they contain FERROUS METALS, please do your research on this folks.To be honest it would be EXTREMELY HARD to find anything on the planet that does not have traces of FERROUS METALS within it, FOOD/CLOTHING/ANIMALS/SOIL/PEOPLE AND EVEN THE AIR WE BREATH have tiny traces of ferrous metals.

IT IS IMPERATIVE you do research to either confirm or deny my claims.

So hopefully you have done your investigations and come to the conclusion i am making sense in the claims made regarding the FERROUS metals, So we must bear this in mind as i put the following to you.

As with many of the CAVENDISH experiments, either METAL of some kind is used or BRICKS/ROCKS, so bearing in mind FERROUS METALS have a natural attraction, i put it to you that MAGNETISM is what we are witnessing and not as claimed GRAVITY?.

If it was gravity as claimed, surely the rotating objects would pull to the GREATER MASS ?? this in many cases being> the floor ?, but no, they pull to the METALS/ROCKS/BRICKS, now i agree this is an attraction, but it is not GRAVITY, it is simply the metal fibres within causing the attraction.

ANYTHING that has been machined such as METALS/BRICKS have gone through a process of heat and electricity, this builds up TINY magnetic forces, and these are minute, thus explaining the great amount of time needed for this experiment to work.

Let’s put the FERROUS metals within the objects used into perspective, imagine trying to pull a car with a handful of hair ?, it would be a very slow process, but providing the force is distributed correctly and applied equally as a magnetic force does,the car would slowly but surely move in the encourage intended direction.

Well the same principle applies during this test, TINY fragments of FERROUS metals are reacting and creating a very tiny attraction, not enough to appear even noticeable to us , but enough to ensure a magnetic pull and slowly but surely, the items in the experiment are attracted as they have NO RESISTANCE, for example, dragged across a floor or table.

Obviously the higher the mass of electrically charge ferrous metals, the greater the force should be.

I hope i have thrown a spanner into the SCIENTIFIC WORLD and made you question the very principles you have relied upon for decades.As this is the KEY to understanding and moving forward, simply denying suggestions and sticking to THEORIES because > that’s how it is, will NEVER explain the truth, it will only HAMPER your investigations and experiments.


If you like please pass this around.



GAV :)))



  1. This is a great article on the Cavendish experiments. I suppose the shape of the Earth and Gravity shouldn’t a concern to me, since I’m 70 yrs. old, but I don’t like being LIED to, especially by Government and the Religion of Science.


      • The ‘scientific’ community used the Metals nonsense to ‘debunk the Michelson-Morley Experiment, back in the day when real experimentation was preformed; rather than scribbling numbers and cines on a blackboard. It’s been noted that e=mc2 proves nothing; least of all gravity. The equation became the “god numerology” of all subsequent mathematics, which have also given the world nothing, in the way of physical proof.

        FAITH should not be the premise upon which Science & Mathematics are based. However, that is exactly what these ‘academic scholars’ expect us to believe. Intellectualism is now becoming the “Mother of Pride & Lies”. We are now coming out of the New Dark Ages, where once we were prisoners. Knowledge has, indeed, increased! And the Physical Proofs of our world can been seen and understood by all those, who wish to see. We will no longer allow ourselves to be told what to believe.


      • Brilliantly posted here Leo, i see just as I, you do not fall into the mantra of believing all simply because you are SUPPOSED to do so. If only we had more people around such as yourself who are willing to say such things, we might actually get somewhere within the scientific world, apart form GADGETS and the IPHONE i mean. please check out my latest post, i have just posted it before replying to you. I am sure you will find it interesting. Many thanks for your reply and input.


    • This is a terrible article! The grammar is horrendous, and the ‘science’ is completely ridiculous. The iron balls WERE pulled towards the floor! Why do you think they had wires and ropes to hold them up?

      Goodness sakes, man. It’s not the ‘religion of science’. Science is everything and anything. If anything, the Flat Earth is a religion more than anything.

      You’re not being lied to. You’re simply not. Not to say that the government is trustworthy, but they wouldn’t and can’t lie about this. It’s clear the Earth is round and gravity exists to anybody who has a fully-functioning brain.

      There isn’t a flaw or at least not one worthy of mentioning or one that changes the result in the Cavendish Experiment.

      The Earth is round and the math, geometry, and simple observations agree. Please stop rambling incoherently. Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to post a link to this article in the comments of popular Flat Earth debunkers such as Martymer81 or CoolHardLogic.

      They’ll have a good laugh about it.



      • I have not claimed the world to be flat ?, as for Cavendish it is bollocks> the PICO experiment blows it out of the water, i see by your crap youtube channel you spend all your time slagging other people off because they are not brainwashed and happen to think outside the box, well a lot of sad wankers do this sort of thing. Anyway have a nice day now :)) oh and PS nobody is forcing you to read my BLOG, only a MORON would go around reading blogs they do not like just to complain :))


    • Well you have answered it, there is no metal on the planet that is PURE of ferrous metals and there for, gives credence to my theory ?, regardless of the amount of ATTRACTION, it is and always will be there, so with this and the path pf least resistance, personally i would say my thinking makes sense ?.


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