Let’s take a look at the Cavendish experiment, what do we actually witness during this experiment?. Is it Gravity or is it simply an attraction of sorts?

Before i continue you must eliminate gravity from the equation in order to offer acceptance of a new way of thinking,as i have witnessed within the scientific spectrum, there is fierce opposition to any other theory or opinion to the pre programmed bias of this experiment proving gravity.wrong

As we see in the experiment the suspended pole has objects of mass/weight place on each end, then larger objects of greater weight/mass are placed at either end.Then we witness the pole turning and touching the greater mass.

Now i agree we do witness an attraction, of this there is no doubt, but i do however feel the scientific world has ASSUMED this is gravity and not considered the possibility that it is not.

So as we know ELECTRONS/ATOMS are attracted to each other and continuously spin around creating a tiny electrical force, similar to that of magnetism.So bearing this in mind, could it simply be due to the MASS/VOLUME/WEIGHT having a high density of atoms/electrons continuously moving and creating an attraction that draws the pole to the mass either side?.

As we witness with Cavendish, the items need to be fairly close together in order to gain the attraction pulling them together?, if they are not close then there is not obvious attraction.

Yet with Gravity, you can be hundreds of mile up as we witness with airplanes, yet they are subjected to the apparent forces of gravity. So if this is the case, why do the objects need to be placed close to the pole ?, surely as we see with airplanes the distance has little if no effect on the gravitational pull?.

Also if it was simply due to MASS/VOLUME/WEIGHT why are skyscrapers and tall building not leaning towards each other, surely there should be some attraction due to the mass/weight/volume within their structures ? then we have houses built with a very small gap between them, sometimes as small as one inch, surely due to the mass/weight/density these walls should eventually bow out and touch each other ?.Also the sides of mountains with huge mass/weight and volume would have small stones stuck the sides, as this huge mass would create enough attraction/gravity to easily hold a small stone/rock in place, yet this is not the case.

Now when we look at Cavendish experiment, surely as all other forces have been eliminated, when the poll is pulled from the masses, there should be some resistance , yet there is none.I would also like to see this experiment done with something that would represent a person in relation to the earth, not with metals or bricks/rocks as is the case.

Lets use water as an example, it appears to be as one, yet it is far from it BILLIONS of tiny atoms/electrons create even a small amount, and as witnessed with water it will amalgamate into one apparent mass, as in it is attracted and becomes one.

So i put it to you that Cavendish merely proves an attraction of sorts between masses of electrons/atoms and not actual gravity.yet has been taken for granted to be so with little opposition or little unbiased research. .


I hope you like it and I have at least opened up other possibilities to your pre perceived thinking regarding gravity and Cavendish.


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