First of all i would like to applaud this man on doing such a great job of bringing this subject to YouTube, a fantastic job of presenting the facts in such an informative yet easily understood manner.

I recently watched this vid on YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX1z60k6N3g

PLEASE WATCH IT, brilliantly done, i can’t say how great this guy did, to the point yet informative. Anyway as i was watching this vid i couldn’t help but notice MANY things were being overlooked, unless i am reading into it too much> YOU TELL ME FOLKS after reading this ?.

Now i won’t go into much of the vid as it speaks volumes itself, but i will say what i feel many are missing.

Let’s take the name of the pizza shop , this being BESTA PIZZA> now many may know and many may NOT know> BEAST is a term used for paedophiles in many places , so let’s swap two letters in > BESTA >> WE GET BEAST ?? they also have a a SPECIAL PIZZA in the name of  WHITE and it states PORK AND TRANS FAT > FREE/ think about it.that’s the first one folks.

download (22).jpg

Then we have the next one TERASOL, now this seems a very innocent name ?, well maybe NOT let’s play with words again, give or take a few letters it could say TEAR ARSHOLE?, TEAR A SOUL ?,then we reverse the name again playing on words, LOSE A RAT ?. Am i reading into this too much. I think not.Not to mention the fact it is a BISTRO> again a spin on words> BEASTRo???.

At this point you are probably thinking i am NUTS and i don’t blame you, but please stick with me on this one.

Next one happens to be POLITICS AND PROS, again sounding innocent enough ?, so what are PROS?, many would call them PROSTITUTES. Yet here we have not only PROS we have politics with it,and how many times have we seen politicians caught with PROSTITUTES?. if the added COKE to the name, then job done. Now this wouldn’t be so bad, i can accept that, but i WON’T accept paedophiles.Are they advertising little PROS (CHILDREN) for the political ELITE ?, you tell me .

WE now have COMET PING PONG, now we all know PING PONG is a phrase used by pedophiles , so again let’s wordplay slightly, let’s take the COME add the E back to the T, this gives ET , in French the word AND ?, so we could say it says, COME AND PLAY PING PONG ?, or we could exchange the O for the letter U?, now this would read CUM AND PLAY PING PONG .

I could be totally wrong here and reading into something that isn’t there, but put together with the situation and the LOGOS used by these businesses, surely it can not be coincidence.

Even the ownership name has issues, UPTOWN PIZZA, so let’s say it is DOWNTOWN ?, so it is at the BOTTOM ?,PIZZA AND BOTTOM do i need to spell this out folks ?. Not to mention the owner of this business is a HUMAN TRAFFIC ATTORNEY .Why would you pick such names ?.

Then we have the business owner JAMES ALEFANTIS, translated to FRENCH as JAMES Le ENFANTS being  aka James Comet, meaning I LOVE CHILDREN, he is on instagram with some seriously dodgy pics of children being TIED UP/TAPED TO TABLES, he even has hashtag # CUM PANDER/ WHATWHATINTHEBUT even a T-shirt saying> I LOVE INFANTS.MONEY and DRUGS>> missed in this article unfortunately.

We now get to the weird digging up of random holes. Now this is telling OTHER PEDOPHILES that what they do will be buried forever, he is giving out incentives and insurance that whatever happens will be buried.Nobody will be held accountable for their sick depraved actions.Pictures of the child’s coffin suggest no matter what leaks may occur, the children will be KILLED should such incidents happen.

Time to move on to the pic with the baby in a yellow insinuated PEARL NECKLACE ?, now think here folks, this is a message to other sick vile bastards that he is going to give that little baby a PEARL NECKLACE, this being known to many as someone ejaculating upon someone’s breasts and throat, hence the name, the necklace is yellow because as with most things we discolour with age, a bit like gloss paint, it turns yellowish/discoloured ?.Yellow also insinuates cowardice, like this sick bastard is somehow powerful over a tiny baby.

We also have the LONG DONG PIZZA SHOP>> come on, i shouldn’t need to explain this one.

A child in a dress is running towards something?, what is it ??, it is the BUSH??, MATURE LADIES HAVE PUBIC HAIR, again what would you assume here after all this.

Let us not forget we have often seen world leaders and politicians playing PING PONG with children, could this be a message to other monsters out there?. They are not known for their ability to tell the truth even when exposed> I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN, this being a famous one of lying to the people.

I could go on for a long time here, but i don’t wish to bore you guys,but however this does raise questions to businesses we have known for years, PIZZA HUT , now let’s think here, we already know what PIZZA means , so lets take HUT?, it could mean COTTAGE ?, look up COTTAGING. Then we have DOMINOS ?, well again break it down you could take it as DOMINATRIX, DOM HE KNOWS, you could also say DO MINOS ??, look up the person MINOS??? :)))

So we hopefully i have opened up possibilities and other avenues for you to explore.

my advice is NEVER take anything as read, always look for what you are missing right in front of your eyes.

Thank you for reading, please feel free to comment as always.




  1. Amazing, this is a scandal that nags me, I hate it and it won’t go away. Nice work gab, few people wish to take up this mantle due to lack of proper police investigation (dodgy in itself considering the amount of publicity). I’ve been on the comet site, it’s weird alright, not what you’d expect from so called family restaurant. I discovered the following through the links on it:
    cometpingpong.com>menu>friends>heavy breathing>enter site>navigate through pages. Pretty twisted stuff.
    Nice work buddy.


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