The problems we have with CLIMATE CHANGE being any data available is based on averages and predictability.
Let us start with SEA TEMPERATURE measurements that actually suggest climate change. Well at best these were variant in their delivery of data, this would be due to the fact different collection vessels were used in the 1800s from wood to cloth to collect sea water all delivering different temperatures, Highly ineffective or scientific to say the least.
After the discovery of these differences a new system was produced to lets say level out any discrepancies.This system was named the KALMAN filter/procedure ,this system is in itself an average probability of the given data that as we already know is sceptical at best or as most would say a GUESS or estimate.
Then we go to the actual early temperature measurement instrumentation. Bearing in mind these go back to the 1880s, so how can this recorded data, by the way collected by FISHING SHIPS most of the time’ be considered anywhere near accurate when calibration of such equipment was not up to modern-day standards ?, nor was it carried out under any scientific structure/procedures or standards or for that matter even using standardised equipment
Now we need to understand just how little the sea temperatures have risen in order for UNITED GOVTS to consider it a CRISIS, this temperature rise is actually 0.85 degrees, yes that is right 0.85 DEGREES (however this does vary from experiment to experiment) but only by a very tiny amount.. Now this could be caused by such simple things as AIR TEMPS or the person holding the GAUGE in their hand before placing it into the measuring vessel, the tides, the weather, the season, the engine temperature of the boat taking the measurements. There is so much room for inaccuracy it is beyond being an experiment at all and any data collected is at best a GUESS, bearing in mind the TINY CHANGE in temperature.
Lets look at the HUMAN IMPACT of us humans on the planet regarding climate change.Well science seems to think and assume overwhelmingly this being over 95% of them, that global warming is at least 50% man made.So lets take a look at 1991 when a huge volcano erupted in the PHILLIPINES producing HUGE amounts of CO2. Now going by the info we have this should have WARMED EARTH ?, but as NASA and scientists tracked it, they discovered it  actually COOLED the planet by half a degree over the next 19 years. Now some may say the smoke stopped the sun warming earth, so to put this one at rest we need to remember the amount of CO2 it would have released ?, surely this would have at the very least counterbalanced the cooling ?.
Lets turn our minds to ATTRIBUTION. Again this is based on AVERAGES AND PRESUMPTION, no actual figures exist that are not based on figures accumulated on climate change over the term of none validated data, these figures are merely speculation at best. Then we add the element of averages plus prediction and we could come out with ANY figure we see fit to fit an agenda of TAXATION.
Science sometimes refers to another system, this being the MONTE-CARLO EFFECT, this system is often used in CASINO blagging, it basically works like this, you watch what has been served, you assess how many equations there are in the game (PLAYERS) as you watch the actions of the equations, you can predict the most likely outcome of the particular hand. This however only works as you know all the DATA to be true, this being the amount of cards in a deck, the equations, the deck and the response, this theory however would not work with climate change as we know VERY LITTLE of earths temps.climates or infrastructure apart from our assumption of the deep past.
Science and our THINKING of it?, well we ASSUME science is FACT ? a method to eliminate the doubt ?, well ask ANY SCIENTIST and they will tell you, science PROVES NOTHING, it merely proves something is NOT as we though?. so bearing this in mind, why would scientists being SUBSIDISED by the EU and CLIMATE CHANGE enthusiasts look too hard in to proving CLIMATE CHANGE doesn’t exist as we know it?.
For the sake or argument lets say the climate IS WARMING ?. what alternatives could be out there?, why not look at OIL and its effect on the planet as it is being drained, maybe it could act as a COOLANT for the planet just as it would in an engine ?, run oil low in a car and it will use WATER as it tries to cool, this in turn turns to VAPOUR now if this was a huge engine it could create STEAM that rises into the atmosphere creating a cycle of warm air circulating, thus creating more rain and a warmer atmosphere ?. I feel we should be checking air sea and land temps around oil rigs and fracking areas for this matter. Then we go into the what happens to the VOID created in oil extraction ?. Could this explain the sinkholes we are seeing ?, the void has to be filled?, when it is, the earth moves into the void leaving another void in its pace, the top CRUST (the bit we walk and build on) is denser so only collapses under strain ??. JUST A THOUGH FOLKS.
Then we turn our minds to the COST of this so called climate change, our bills have risen sharply and not to the benefit of us the consumer nor to the benefit of OUR PLANET ?, it is not helping by charging us VASTLY MORE for ESSENTIAL SERVICES. But the RICH get richer and we the sheeple get POORER and poorer as they all travel around on jets and in RANGE-ROVERS, are we so stupid to believe such nonsense people ?.
After all you have read here, is it not fair to SAY and ASSUME we could be 0.85% wrong oddly enough the very same figure that the EARTHS TEMP has supposedly risen > but only in DEGREES .
It is time to wake up and realise ELITES are making BILLIONS from our ignorance of the surroundings we have lived in for centuries. Please take a moment to think WHY is the cash we are paying on our ever rising bills not doing ANYTHING to combat climate change.
People have invented engines that run on WATER, yet GOVT will not give them backing and they are bought out or suddenly vanish, this should tell all as GOVTs can not collect HUGE TAXATION from something that is free ?.
The changes we see could also come from a GOVT funded program, this being H A A R P, please youtube this one. It is weather manipulation on extreme measures. if you don’t believe this to be true please go to this link>
Always ask the question WHO gains from our ignorance?, the answer will become apparent, you are born with senses so please use them, surely your mind is screaming at you, this is wrong, something is very wrong here.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, please feel free to share and reply.


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