dominate the eu

We are constantly seeing headlines of stalemates and problem after problem regarding Brexit and the Tories negotiating with the European Union failing to gain any traction whatsoever, if anything the negotiations are producing more problems than solutions to the already confirmed exit date of March 2019. Do we extend the transition period, do we accept ECHR and ECJ as well as what laws and regs do we keep or discard after the exit date. Do we pay the EU billions in order to simply start negotiations on trade.Problems after problems, all ifs and buts as we stumble through negotiation after negotiation. The EU demanding BILLIONS of our cash in order to even start discussing trade deals, we have not even got to the stage of negotiating trade yet, so you can well imagine how long this will drag out once we get down to negotiating contracts that will either benefit or  disadvantage either side during the negotiations. These could honestly go on for decades as either side find issue with the smallest details.

Then we have the issue of the Tories not informing us of the details of their stance approach or any general info whatsoever to be fair. We as a country embarking on one of the greatest decisions in history are the least informed of any details regarding it, well apart from BREXIT MEANS BREXIT of  course.


Well we have already had a vote that democratically decided we as a country wish to leave the EUROPEAN UNION and yes i understand some wish to remain, but we voted and the result is the result and therefore should be respected and carried as it was implied.

The simplest solution is to leave with immediate effect, but honour the EU agreement until March 2019 essentially serving out our notice as would be expected with any contract, providing the EU pay us the same respect and continue trade and do not discriminate against the UK during this period.

At the moment of initiating our termination of EU control and contract, we offer the EU to approach the UK with any deals they deem fit for purpose to coincide with the end of contract date of March 2019. This would end the futile negotiations as we would now be concentrating our legal and political teams on leaving the EU as of March 2019 and not tying them up with the ins and outs of what could or could not be as well as the ifs and buts of what might be. We would know the date we are leaving for sure without a transition period, giving us time to prepare for the exit date as well as giving business and law specialists time to start seeing what laws and regs we see fit to keep and those we wish to discard.

This would also stop us being continually tied up in the legal wrangling and the bitterness that comes with it, also allowing the EU to tender any future deals they consider valid and fit for purpose with the knowledge of an exact date to aim for regardless of  any issues that arise.

The EU would be informed that any payments we are required to pay before the leaving date will be administered but not one penny will be paid or considered after March 2019, making it perfectly clear of our stance on the BILLIONS demanded by the EU, they will now know they will not be receiving a penny after the exit date, so eliminating the stalemate as it stands.

In essence we will be turning the tables upon the EU, as it stands they are refusing to discuss trade deals without guarantee of payment, well this approach takes away this as they would now know that payment will not be billions and they will have all payments stopped as of ironically APRIL fools day 2019.

This will be a game changer for the UK, we will be free to prepare for our exit on WTO terms as we will now not be tied up in the pathetic show we have seen so far. It will also send a plain and clear message to the EU that any deals tendered must be very beneficial to the UK, as we are leaving anyway and it is in their interest to keep us happy, not as it stands on us trying to open trade talks after being blackmailed to part with billions first.

This will also free us to get trade deals globally as the effect is immediate, what could the EU do apart from kick us out ?, remember this would immediately ensure they receive no payments from the UK in a time of deep division within Europe. Even the EU would not be so stupid to stop income of millions per week in order to make a point.


SO we either stay in the EU negotiations being blackmailed into paying BILLIONS to simply have talks on the future of trade between EUROPE and the UK, bearing in mind we buy far more from them than they do us. Or we turn the tables putting the EU in their place in one swift movement as well as freeing up many professionals to deal with leaving and not negotiating the ifs and buts. we must remember the EU didn’t get control of all its member states by being unprepared, they have very astute people who do this day in and day out. They are very good at turning the gravest of situations to their advantage as we have seen with the demand of BILLIONS before we even start trade deals?.

SO we remove the advantage once and for all placing the EU on the back-foot as we trade with the world knowing they will offer us great deals in order to keep us as a trading contributor.

Let the EU deal with all the wranglings and ifs and buts, let us concentrate on leaving and delivering the BREXIT the people voted for under WTO rules for now, they are not the best and do keep us tied to a certain point, but it gives us a great point to start from.

Let us look at EU negotiations like this, if we leave the (A A) or the (R A C) we do not expect to pay for their future contributions to the company nor do we expect to be hit with a huge demand of cash if we are not happy with their services and decide to leave ?, also if we wish to remain with them but do not want all their services, then we expect a huge discount in our premiums not a load of abuse on how we are selfish or why we should pay them billions before they will discuss any future contract with them ?, we pay WHAT WE OWE it is that simple ?.

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