MADAM AND EVILWhen did the gender issue really take hold and more to the point why ?, well although i wrote this myself it happens to be a good question. We are constantly bombarded with mixed messages of children being able to choose gender and sex.

We are told as parents we are responsible for them attending school, being on time and for their general behaviour during the time they attend school. So the school/GOVT and the education system expect YOU as a parent to have control over your children and have some sort of influence in order to be able to have them follow these basic commands of the school, GOVT and general education system.

If your children do not wear the UNIFORM then they and you as a parent will be PUNISHED by the said school with the backing of GOVT and the EDUCATION board, if your children do not attend the said school without good reason they are deemed to be AWOL > absent without leave ? and this again will result in some sort of punitive measure. If your children do not present the required social interaction skills then again punitive measures are imposed.  To me this sounds very much like the ARMY , but i could be wrong in my thinking.

So on one hand we are supposed to have total control of our children in order to make them comply with the educational system, yet on another we are told we should allow the same children who we MUST CONTROL to have control of their undeveloped minds regarding GENDER and SEXUALITY to roam free under their own wisdom, totally opposing the point of the education system they are indoctrinated within ?.

Let us take a moment to think about this, our children are being manipulated and controlled ALL DAY by the very people telling us we should allow these children to be free of gender and of the possible consequences that come with such decisions later in life. Surely i am not alone in thinking we must PROTECT our children and try our best to ensure they are of the mindset that will enrich and develop them from children through adolescence into the working and cruel world they will one day be a part of ?.

I myself made stupid choices as a child that come back and make me think to this day as i am sure many others do, yet we are expected to let our children walk around dressed as the opposite sex parading around as if it is harmless within the school environment, well one day these foolish choices will come back and haunt their minds in adult life, should they change their minds and stay the same GENDER/SEX as they are.

So imagine David as a child expressing his feminine side, going to school in a dress and claiming he wishes to be a girl?, then as he reaches puberty he wakes up and thinks, no I am a man and that’s what i want to be. then with today’s Facebook/twitter and other platforms, his old pics emerge destroying his friendships and standing he has built up over the years. Just imagine the mindset of David and drugs he will be on, due to the decisions he was allowed to make during his childhood.

This guy has spent years trying to get his head around his past and his thoughts during this period of his life, only to be on the receiving end of bullies of the present remembering his past .Surely we can all she this happening and being responsible for many suicides in the future ?.

Children are just that CHILDISH of the mind as well as making STUPID decisions, this is why we do not allow them to drive until they are of age. Also this is the VERY reason they need EDUCATING and this is why we employ TEACHERS to teach them right from wrong as well as the BASICS OF LIFE, their minds are already in a strange place, let us not make it more strange and let us BENEFIT their future, not lead them to destruction or suicide in years to come?.

WHY ???

Well i feel it is the next mass influence upon the masses since religion that can not be traced back to it roots, yet keeps the normal family household on tender-hooks as the authorities make sure they are not stepping out of line.Couple this with the fact GOVT want total control of the masses and you if cynically minded would come up with the DOCILE GENERATION ?. A generation of people who can not say or have opinion as it would be detrimental to their own purpose and being on this planet ?. You would create a generation of  for lack of a better description MISFITS, people who can not brand others apart from what they will refer to us THE RACISTS basically anyone who sees the planet is heading for disaster and has an ounce of common sense.

Let KIDS be kids, it is natures way of gaining experiences and qualities, allowing them to ruin their lives at this point is a FAILURE as a parent a GOVERNMENT and as an EDUCATION system as well as being detrimental to the future societies, life and structure on what we call planet earth.

Surely allowing children to choose their gender has more doubts and negatives than it does positives, a child’s mind needs nurturing not warping or manipulating ?.

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Ever since political parties emerged and became the norm in the system we now see, politicians of ALL parties have been on an even salary, yes even if not in power you will still receive your wages and be able to claim your expenses as normal.

The in-house party can probably earn far more in SO CALLED expenses and claim for secretaries and more, but so can the SO CALLED opposition, but it is a bit more questionable in today’s society, especially if they happen to be UKIP of a party of the RIGHT thinking.

So lets imagine this in a GAME SHOW scenario, if you win you get £100.000 but if you lose you get £100.000. Why would you bother even trying to win ?, what would be the point apart from personal gratification folks ?. Bookies would not exist and nor would ANY kind of sport as it would no longer be viable nor would it be fair to enforce such a system upon the people. Sports TV would no longer exist and the whole ASPECT of being in opposition would be destroyed in its entirety .

Yet here we are year after year, decade after decade paying the SAME WAGES to all political parties regardless of being in opposition or in power, then we wonder WHY nothing actually changes and NOTHING we vote for gets delivered, yet everything we OPPOSE gets invoked.

I have a new system to invoke a new system that would ENSURE the people are listened to and a system that will ensure the OPPOSITION are exactly what they claim to be, not some, we say it all yet deliver nothing parties as we have seen for decades now. It is a simple but fair system to all parties including the new up and coming parties that struggle to get backing and funding.

This new system requires a difference in pay structure between the in-house party and those who oppose them, the so-called HOLD THEM TO THE FIRE parties, in opposition would receive only half the pay of the in house party, yet would receive more in the way of advertising expenditure especially at GE.

This would ENSURE the political parties in opposition offer us a great deal and give us the electorate what we actually want and ask for, as they would want a better pay and the perks that go with the said positions ?,This would also ensure that the governing party does not ignore the electorate or take liberties with their in-house positions as we see at present.

This system should also be aligned with a new 3 year in-house GOVERNANCE period, any party doing the right thing in power would have nothing to worry about, yet those swinging the led or taking us as fools would be shipped out far quicker than they are now.

New political parties in opposition would receive more funding and would pay lesser rents and rates on their offices, also receiving funding to hold local meetings and the advertising for such meetings, allowing the smaller parties to grow and have their opinions and policies heard throughout their districts.

Any party wining a majority in local councils would be given the same deal. they would get better pay, yet would be open to removal on a yearly basis again ensuring they do right by their local council tax payer that at the moment is suffering in many ways, this would also lead to far more openness on why funding is not allocated and cut down on corruption.

Opposition must be encouraged and not trampled upon as the current system allows, also any foreign political alliances must NOT financially benefit a political party or party member, only expenditure should be paid, no extra pay or incentives should be accepted, any extra revenue should go to the GOVT pot with a percentage going to the local councils, but this must also be closely monitored by the opposition and not taken as an intensive for future goals of foreign dealings within the UK. Any party accepting such bribes or over expenditure would be removed from power ASAP and a by-election or GE would commence depending upon the severity of the funding and those guilty would be tried for TREASON and receive sensible prison terms, not as we have now.

I propose this system aligned with a 24/7 online expenditure account for every civil servant in the UK or employed by us, it is about time we RID THE ROT within politics and employed those who have our best interests at heart, not the PARTY OF LESSER EVIL as we do now?. Let us make changes let us make them for the better and let us make them changes count people, we CAN DO THIS.

Make our politicians WORK FOR US as they are supposed to people, we have lost track of them being OUR SERVANTS ?, let us make them DO THEIR JOBS .

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CHRISTMAS DESTROYEDOnce upon a time in a once free country called  Great Britain, many children used to celebrate a special day of the year called Christmas. When all the parents would come together with family and friends to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ through the giving and receiving of presents as the whole family had fun and celebrations throughout the day.

Going back further in time people would all sing around the piano as the cold wind blew past the creaking windows (before double glazing folks), as the snow fell like tiny angels falling from heaven to make the day that bit more special, there would be a roast turkey in the oven and the vegetables cooking away as people enjoyed a few glasses of wine or a few beers to get the day off to a merry start.

Games would be played such as charades, board games and many more as the whole family celebrated the Christian values Britain once held. It was a day of forgiveness and forgetting the previous years arguments and the hardship of general life as people worked as slaves for the Government.

The smell of the Christmas tree, the tangerines and of course the roasting chestnuts, all on top of the smell of the roasting turkey, yes the air was alive with the smell of Christmas as were all our hearts and minds. Mother flapping around thinking she had forgotten to do something, dad sat having a few beers as he watches the children open their gifts, there little eyes lighting up with every wrapped gift just wondering what is inside. Mother would be behind the children with a bin bag clearing up the mess as she scurried around trying to make the day run as smoothly as possible.

Dad would go into the kitchen asking mother if she needed any help only to be told in no uncertain words to leave her kitchen and make sure all was well with the guests as her and her friends had a few cheeky wines in the kitchen as the waited for the dinner to cook, the sound of laughing cheering and mayhem coming from the kitchen as they all did their bit to make a dinner fit for kings.

I always remember the spirit and feel of Christmas day, it was magical in a way barely describable yet highly memorable, it was like something special had happened in the world and everyone was at peace and at ease if for only just one day, like nothing else in the world mattered apart from the people in your house having a good time and being that bit closer than normal for this joyous occasion just as most of the country did on this special day.

Even the build up to Christmas was magical, school would have the nativity plays on, ( I WAS ONE A PIGLET ) and of course we would have the school Christmas dinner, not nearly as good as home Christmas dinner, but it still was special, then we would have the Christmas party usually on the last day of term, all the school uniting, dancing, playing games and having a great old day. In those days we as pupils all had to contribute bringing in food and drink for the party, such as jam tarts, sausage rolls, orange juice and so on, all of us doing our little bit contributing towards the full event.

Even buying the Christmas tree was an event, the whole family going out to find a nice tree in the cold winter air, yet we didn’t notice it as the excitement took over our senses. I remember as a child i used to work with my dad and brother selling fruit & veg as well as Christmas trees and wreaths, I always got the job of selling the trees as i was good at it and some were not the best but with a bit of patter i could sell any tree to anyone, even this hard work was special at Christmas as the tunes would belt out of the radio singing along feeling the spirit growing by the hour. all the customers wishing us all the best as we gave them an extra special deal for the festive season and many would reward us with tips that somehow made you feel embarrassed to take yet honoured to be given if that makes any sense.

We used to have the dressing of the tree as we made the decorations, yes we made them out of crate paper, we had the same fairy to go on the top my sister made years ago, tradition was a big thing back then folks.We would be allowed a little drink of booze as we put up the decorations with the Christmas tunes pumping out, our tree day was always the 1st of December and still is to this day, as i said tradition was a big thing and still is in my heart and mind, we should not be letting them go for anybody or anything.

Anyway getting back to it, Dad and the men would usually slope off to the pub allowing mother sister and friends to enjoy themselves as they turned everything down knowing the men would be late back as always from the boozer, but the fun was none stop as the ladies got merry all laughing and joking as they gave us the odd slurp from their glasses saying oh go on then it is Christmas.

Mother would give us the orders to keep out of the way as time approached for the men to return, so now was the dishing out of the feast, our stomachs aching as the smells waft from the kitchen listening as the sound of clattering and pans stemmed from the kitchen on top of the voices declaring they had done one dish after another. Then the familiar voices of the men would become apparent as they staggered back to the door all laughing and stumbling in as the cold air blasted in, rubbing their hands together and shouting into the kitchen we are starving as they took their coats off and found their places to sit, some at the table, the rest wherever they could find a seat.

The kitchen door opens and the food starts coming out in large dishes,bowls and anything else laid to hand, all filling the table steam rising from it as we try to get a look, but mother orders all to wait as our mouths water because this is not just dinner, this is Christmas dinner and the full Monty will be on it from pigs in blankets to gammon,turkey,pork,beef as well as a ton of veg all topped off with home-made gravy and all the different kinds of sources we could want, huge Yorkshire puddings with all different kinds of stuffing, it was a feast fit for a king as usual as we all fill our plates as high as we can manage, our eyes always way too big for our bellies, but we just couldn’t resist.

We would all sit there stuffing our faces as the banter continued all laughing as we devoured this feast our mother and friends had made for us, everyone saying how fantastic the feast was to my mother making her smile just that bit more than usual. After eating their huge dinner many would look twice the size they usually were sitting there rubbing their bellies as they slurped down something alcoholic, us children getting smowballs (THIS IS A DRINK) and loving them. The celebrations would go on till late at night with all doing their bit.

Well folks i could go on for ages on the details, but i just want you to have a taste of what it was like before Christmas was destroyed in Britain. Now you may think i am exaggerating here so let us look at Christmas now, well the school nativity is few and far between, the simple word CHRISTMAS is ignored in favour of such things as seasons greetings or festive spirits and so forth. Not to mention the constant articles in local news MSM of OTHER FAITHS being offended by us celebrating OUR historical cultures and heritage by the simple word of CHRISTMAS.

So who exactly are these people who do not like our ways and wish for them to be destroyed ?, well i can not imagine it being the BUDDHISTS, CHRISTIANS or even ATHEISTS for the most, so this leaves us with two religions being JUDAISM AND ISLAM ?. Now neither celebrate Christmas nor do they recognise the faith many hold of this celebration or many things associated with it such as pigs in blankets and drinking as well as Carols of a Christian nature.

So who do we think is trying to change and rid our cultures ways and heritage ?, well i will not give the answer although it is blindingly obvious to most. The question should be why are they wishing to live in a country that in which they despise its core values and ways ?, more to the point why are GOVT allowing this to be acceptable ?, surely anyone wanting to live or reside in Britain should respect and participate in the cultures ways and values of the said country, just as we would in any other country of differing values, religion or ways.

I will make one point regarding this whole demoralization,destruction,demise and general lack of respect for our ways, this point being only TWO RELIGIONS have had special laws made to protect them as they take our religion from us (IN MY OPINION) those being Islam with ISLAMOPHOBIA and Judaism with XENOPHOBIA. So why would these so-called peaceful religions need such LAWS well statues to be fair.

Let us be honest we as a country have embraced many cultures and ways ?, but we will not have our own ways SACRIFICED to  accommodate another’s ?

As of 2010 the latest figures i have to hand at the point of writing this are that of being

  • Christians: 2010: 64%, 2050: 45%
  • Muslims: 2010: 5%, 2050: 11%
  • Hindus: 2010: 1.4%, 2050: 2%
  • Jews: 2010: 0.5%, 2050: 0.3%
  • Buddhists: 2010: 0.4%, 2050: 0.9%
  • Folk religions: 2010: 0.1%, 2050: 0.3%
  • No religion: 2010: 28%, 2050: 39%
  • So as you see between Muslims and Jews they amount to less than 6% of the British population, yet the rest of the country is being subdued and BULLIED into giving up their heritage in order to keep a tiny minority happy, just imagine when they get to 20/30 or 40% of the population.
  • Things need to change, we MUST hold GOVT to account on such issues or we will see CHRISTMAS and our heritage disappear before our very eyes.
  • There are many people out there who think JEWS & MUSLIMS run the world, well to be fair when we take a look at the facts and figures, they may well just be right ?.


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dominate the eu

We are constantly seeing headlines of stalemates and problem after problem regarding Brexit and the Tories negotiating with the European Union failing to gain any traction whatsoever, if anything the negotiations are producing more problems than solutions to the already confirmed exit date of March 2019. Do we extend the transition period, do we accept ECHR and ECJ as well as what laws and regs do we keep or discard after the exit date. Do we pay the EU billions in order to simply start negotiations on trade.Problems after problems, all ifs and buts as we stumble through negotiation after negotiation. The EU demanding BILLIONS of our cash in order to even start discussing trade deals, we have not even got to the stage of negotiating trade yet, so you can well imagine how long this will drag out once we get down to negotiating contracts that will either benefit or  disadvantage either side during the negotiations. These could honestly go on for decades as either side find issue with the smallest details.

Then we have the issue of the Tories not informing us of the details of their stance approach or any general info whatsoever to be fair. We as a country embarking on one of the greatest decisions in history are the least informed of any details regarding it, well apart from BREXIT MEANS BREXIT of  course.


Well we have already had a vote that democratically decided we as a country wish to leave the EUROPEAN UNION and yes i understand some wish to remain, but we voted and the result is the result and therefore should be respected and carried as it was implied.

The simplest solution is to leave with immediate effect, but honour the EU agreement until March 2019 essentially serving out our notice as would be expected with any contract, providing the EU pay us the same respect and continue trade and do not discriminate against the UK during this period.

At the moment of initiating our termination of EU control and contract, we offer the EU to approach the UK with any deals they deem fit for purpose to coincide with the end of contract date of March 2019. This would end the futile negotiations as we would now be concentrating our legal and political teams on leaving the EU as of March 2019 and not tying them up with the ins and outs of what could or could not be as well as the ifs and buts of what might be. We would know the date we are leaving for sure without a transition period, giving us time to prepare for the exit date as well as giving business and law specialists time to start seeing what laws and regs we see fit to keep and those we wish to discard.

This would also stop us being continually tied up in the legal wrangling and the bitterness that comes with it, also allowing the EU to tender any future deals they consider valid and fit for purpose with the knowledge of an exact date to aim for regardless of  any issues that arise.

The EU would be informed that any payments we are required to pay before the leaving date will be administered but not one penny will be paid or considered after March 2019, making it perfectly clear of our stance on the BILLIONS demanded by the EU, they will now know they will not be receiving a penny after the exit date, so eliminating the stalemate as it stands.

In essence we will be turning the tables upon the EU, as it stands they are refusing to discuss trade deals without guarantee of payment, well this approach takes away this as they would now know that payment will not be billions and they will have all payments stopped as of ironically APRIL fools day 2019.

This will be a game changer for the UK, we will be free to prepare for our exit on WTO terms as we will now not be tied up in the pathetic show we have seen so far. It will also send a plain and clear message to the EU that any deals tendered must be very beneficial to the UK, as we are leaving anyway and it is in their interest to keep us happy, not as it stands on us trying to open trade talks after being blackmailed to part with billions first.

This will also free us to get trade deals globally as the effect is immediate, what could the EU do apart from kick us out ?, remember this would immediately ensure they receive no payments from the UK in a time of deep division within Europe. Even the EU would not be so stupid to stop income of millions per week in order to make a point.


SO we either stay in the EU negotiations being blackmailed into paying BILLIONS to simply have talks on the future of trade between EUROPE and the UK, bearing in mind we buy far more from them than they do us. Or we turn the tables putting the EU in their place in one swift movement as well as freeing up many professionals to deal with leaving and not negotiating the ifs and buts. we must remember the EU didn’t get control of all its member states by being unprepared, they have very astute people who do this day in and day out. They are very good at turning the gravest of situations to their advantage as we have seen with the demand of BILLIONS before we even start trade deals?.

SO we remove the advantage once and for all placing the EU on the back-foot as we trade with the world knowing they will offer us great deals in order to keep us as a trading contributor.

Let the EU deal with all the wranglings and ifs and buts, let us concentrate on leaving and delivering the BREXIT the people voted for under WTO rules for now, they are not the best and do keep us tied to a certain point, but it gives us a great point to start from.

Let us look at EU negotiations like this, if we leave the (A A) or the (R A C) we do not expect to pay for their future contributions to the company nor do we expect to be hit with a huge demand of cash if we are not happy with their services and decide to leave ?, also if we wish to remain with them but do not want all their services, then we expect a huge discount in our premiums not a load of abuse on how we are selfish or why we should pay them billions before they will discuss any future contract with them ?, we pay WHAT WE OWE it is that simple ?.

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Well equality is supposedly ( the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities ), yet as you will see this is NOT the case in many situations as i give examples to the theory.




Let us take the supposed EQUALITY in the housing allowance system, the very system adopted by the TORIES and Theresa May. This system stipulates you MUST be over the age of 35 to receive the full amount and anyone under this age and single will not be entitled to the amount they would be a day after they the eve of their 35 birthday. So how can the difference of age make any difference to a persons rental needs ?, do landlords give discounts to the younger people of society ?, not that i have witnessed or been informed of, yet you immigrants can be ANY AGE and get all paid.


We now move on to UNIVERSAL CREDIT ALLOWANCE again we see Inequality in the supposed equality as Under 25 and you will receive £251.77 yet a day later when you are 26 you will receive £317.82. Now how does this MAKE SENSE and how on earth can this be EQUAL ?.


Surely the words speak for themselves ?, but NO they do not, here we go again.

Under 18 > £4.05 PH

18 to 20 >  £5.60 PH

21 to 24 > 7.05 PH

25 & over > £ 7.50 PH

Again what is EQUAL about this scale ?, they are all doing the SAME JOB, yet get paid differently in the SO CALLED equality system. Again penalizing the youth who already get penalised through both the benefit and housing system.

Anyone can understand the lower wages of an apprentice as this takes other paid labour to train the apprentice the skills of the trade.

We are told we must respect and take the ISLAMIC society and its cultures and ways, but yet again i can not but notice the obvious INEQUALITY within the MUSLIM community and SHARIA law.


Women of the Muslim society are classed as second class citizens AT BEST even under SHARIA LAW they are as such. Many may not know this but British GOV have accepted and aligned SHARIA law with British law on many aspects, especially in CIVIL matters such as divorce and ownership and under SHARIA LAW women have NO say and very few rights. Yet our GOVT accept this as it is their way. We as law-abiding people must NOT commit BIGAMY yet this is perfectly acceptable and the NORM within the MUSLIM society, yet we would be IN PRISON should we do the same ?. So AGAIN i ask what is EQUALITY and who does it ACTUALLY BENEFIT ?.


We hear Mrs May of the TORIES saying we do not employ enough ethnic minorities in the current workforce. Yet she fails to say how we as a country have ACCEPTED MANY Polish, Romanian,African,Finnish and other foreign workers into OUR JOBS and country .Remembering that for EVERY employed foreign worker, a NATIVE worker will have an employment opportunity taken from them, also keeping wages as low as possible. Neither does May state how many NATIVE unemployed could have filled the jobs of the foreign workers she allowed into Britain. I have to ask where is the REPORT on NATIVE EMPLOYMENT how many natives are employed compared with ALL foreign workers ?, especially in  the FULL TIME market and of a decent wage, this being over £14 PH IMO


We are constantly seeing articles claiming BREXITEERS are of the EXTREME and so are those linking terrorist acts done by those screaming ALLAHU AKBAR to the GOD and religion to which they refer, this being ISLAM if i am not mistaken ?, please inform me if i am wrong. People such as ANNE MARIA WATERS, TOMMY ROBINSON are being branded racist for simply providing evidence of the dangers they see within Islam and its teachings, surely it is wise to prevent rather than deal with the outcome of ANY threats to innocent people ?. Govt and MSM see this as RACISM and INEQUALITY. Maybe when the threat is at their AFFLUENT doors they may take another look at the view so many believe and can see every day.

We could also include court cases of Muslims being given very lenient sentences on the ASSUMED account of them not understanding our ways or culture, yet find me ONE case of a native Brit being involved in such a case and being given the same credit of lack of understanding, as in the judge ASSUMING the Native before them did not understand the culture , ways or religion of the Muslim they are to be prosecuted over ?.


Go to your local supermarket and get asked for IDENTIFICATION even at the age of 30 odd, the embarrassment is one thing but the return with ID is something else. Yet in the same situation with someone wearing a BURKA this would be construed as racist or something along those lines in many cases, yet NOBODY could tell how old someone is wearing such an item of clothing.

Then we have the you must look over 21 when it is PERFECTLY LEGAL to buy cigarettes at the age of 16 ?, the same goes with ALCOHOL you must look 25 to buy it when you actually need to be 18.

Yet somehow this is fine and somehow acceptable in the #PC society we now live in, yet as stated wearing a BURKA means no ID or  challenge at the till. Surely you people reading this see the INEQUALITY that i do after only scraping the surface of the issue.

I hope you people reading this see just as i do EQUALITY is a case of when it SUITS THE POLITICAL AGENDA ?.

I have kept this article as short as possible as i usually do, please feel free to comment and RT if you feel it is true and just.

SAY IT OR TAKE IT PEOPLE, the choice is yours

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Well lets take a look shall we folks?.junker gav the brexit

We the people are under the assumption that we employ our PUBLIC SERVANTS, those such as the POLICE FORCE/MEDICS/HOSPITAL STAFF AND OUR MPs and as such we have final and absolute say on the running and cost of the above.

Well i am here to tell you NOTHING could be further from the truth on much of the above.

Let us take the NHS as an example of the truth behind the lies.

We as tax payers simply assume our hard-earned and UNLAWFUL taxation is always spent on or in our best interests as the electorate, when the truth is not even close to wildest imagination in many cases. We pay our NI (national insurance) as we have little to no choice to do so, yet we are seeing ever decreasing services on our behalf ?.

One thing we MUST remember is outsourcing, this plays a huge part in the destruction of the NHS. To understand this i will make a simple example, let us say that i have a cake factory and i make all the cream on site, this is a small part of the full cakes structure yet plays an essential part in it integrity as a finished product. Now this may cost me 5p per cake as i am already paying the staff and have the relevant facilities to do so including machinery and the building in which the said cream is made. Yet i decide for TAXATION purposes to get the cream made elsewhere, this being OUTSOURCING then surely the company to which i have agreed terms of supply need to pay RATES/STAFF/TAXATION and need to make a PROFIT on the cream they are now supplying me with?. For my company as a whole this becomes a BILL and not a part of a process, so it is TAX DEDUCTIBLE, so the cream that once cost 5p to make now becomes 20p to make. This may reduce staff for my company and reduce costs in HUMAN RESOURCES yet it has raised the cost of the actual cream cake i am producing. This also has a negative impact upon the environment as one factory produced the full item yet now it is spread across two factories that can be in many cases at a vast distance in proximity. This has a knock on effect as the company supplying me with the cream is also looking to OUTSOURCE and reduce its TAX BURDEN.  This company may have produced its own milk from a long history of dairy farmers, yet sees the opportunity to yet again OUTSOURCE and make extra cash.

Well assume the NHS works in the same way, aided and abetted by GOVT and people within it who stand to gain either directly or indirectly from such actions. This is when we have a MONOPOLY on our hands and as more fingers enter the pie, they become entangled in BRIBERY AND BLACKMAIL to ensure profit and secrecy. This further entangles into the world of GOVERNANCE as they allowed this to happen and are now too afraid their little world will collapse around them.

We now get to the CUCKOLD stance, we as the electorate allow this to happen on a daily basis time and time again, we know the CORRUPTION that exists within politics yet turn a blind eye as longs as the LESSER OF TWO EVILS on offer promises to sort out the mess ?. yet we know it is ALL LIES as decades of governance has proven.

Let us take a quick look at the political offerings we have ?, we either have TORIES/LABOUR or the LIB-DEMS and at one point we had UKIP, yet we are ALWAYS left at the ballot box  with a choice of TWO EVILS and must decide which is the LESSER ?.

This is the PATHETIC bit, we actually EMPLOY POLITICIANS, yes we pay these lot to take the piss and do whatever they wish as long as it sounds NOT SO BAD?.Now lets put this in to perspective, just imagine you employ several people to RUN YOUR COMPANY and you pay them a HEALTHY SALARY just as we do MPs/MEPs, would you have these people DEMANDING and TELLING you how to run your business into the ground?, NO YOU WOULD NOT , so why do we accept it from OUR EMPLOYEES ?, well the simple answer is WE ARE CUCKOLDS we like to be manipulated and SCREWED UP THE BREXIT as long as we are not causing a fuss ?.

Would you allow a person from the next street DEMAND you accept people from anywhere live in YOUR HOME rent free ?, NO YOU WOULD NOT, again would you let a person from the next street make the RULES OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD ? , NO YOU WOULD NOT, yet here we are decades of EU dictatorship demanding JUST THAT, and we all took it right up the BREXIT ?, yes that is right we GOT BULLIED by the #EU delegated to our OWN GOVT who acted as the ENFORCES of an UN-ELECTED DICTATORSHIP of the UNITED KINGDOM for their own financial and political gains.

Let me put this another way, if your son,daughter.mother or farther bought their own home and I decided they should PAY ME TAX and home anyone of my choosing, what would you do ?, surely you would call the police. yet we have done absolutely NOTHING regarding the EU doing exactly this as our rights were taken from us.

Then we have MSM and the LEFTIES, well i can only assume they have something to gain as those who knowingly sold us out to the EU did. As anyone who loves BRITAIN and their children/family would fight tooth and nail to keep WHAT IS OURS .

Let us NOT forget GOVERNMENT simply act on our behalf, they do not own us, well they do if you are STUPID, but we actually PAY THEIR WAGES, yet we allow them to dictate OUR LIVES ? as they have great wages claiming expenses as well as having two homes paid for, surely you are not this thick people.

SURELY we need a better system ?, one that is run for the people by the people ?, if you agree then let us make it happen, as we see even UKIP are becoming mainstream trying to hide in the middle of confusion. Well it imply is not good enough, why not start our OWN political party ?, I call for the CPP the common people’s party .  Just imagine if ALL people who are sick and tired of the SAME OLD CRAP put in £1 a month to a communal party as suggested, we would have MILLIONS before long to fund a party funded BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE ?.

Come on people they are TAKING THE PISS, we don’t even get our BINS EMPTIED as council tax goes up, the roads are a DISGRACE even after we have paid road-tax for decades, surely we can do a FAR BETTER JOB than they can ?.

We have TOWER BLOCKS incinerating people as COST IS PARAMOUNT ?, yet it will cost far more in compo. Surely even a MORON would have sprinkler systems installed in such buildings .

We have even come to the point of DENYING the huge problems within ISLAM as people from the ISLAMIC COMMUNITY tell us there are huge concerns.


If you agree and think it is time to take OUR LIVES BACK, then please RT and get in touch, we CAN make this happen people, we are GREAT BRITAIN we once ruled the WORLD,our MOTHERS/GRANDMOTHERS worked in ammo factories to win the war, let us at least RULE OUR OWN COUNTRY ?.



The problems we have with CLIMATE CHANGE being any data available is based on averages and predictability.
Let us start with SEA TEMPERATURE measurements that actually suggest climate change. Well at best these were variant in their delivery of data, this would be due to the fact different collection vessels were used in the 1800s from wood to cloth to collect sea water all delivering different temperatures, Highly ineffective or scientific to say the least.
After the discovery of these differences a new system was produced to lets say level out any discrepancies.This system was named the KALMAN filter/procedure ,this system is in itself an average probability of the given data that as we already know is sceptical at best or as most would say a GUESS or estimate.
Then we go to the actual early temperature measurement instrumentation. Bearing in mind these go back to the 1880s, so how can this recorded data, by the way collected by FISHING SHIPS most of the time’ be considered anywhere near accurate when calibration of such equipment was not up to modern-day standards ?, nor was it carried out under any scientific structure/procedures or standards or for that matter even using standardised equipment
Now we need to understand just how little the sea temperatures have risen in order for UNITED GOVTS to consider it a CRISIS, this temperature rise is actually 0.85 degrees, yes that is right 0.85 DEGREES (however this does vary from experiment to experiment) but only by a very tiny amount.. Now this could be caused by such simple things as AIR TEMPS or the person holding the GAUGE in their hand before placing it into the measuring vessel, the tides, the weather, the season, the engine temperature of the boat taking the measurements. There is so much room for inaccuracy it is beyond being an experiment at all and any data collected is at best a GUESS, bearing in mind the TINY CHANGE in temperature.
Lets look at the HUMAN IMPACT of us humans on the planet regarding climate change.Well science seems to think and assume overwhelmingly this being over 95% of them, that global warming is at least 50% man made.So lets take a look at 1991 when a huge volcano erupted in the PHILLIPINES producing HUGE amounts of CO2. Now going by the info we have this should have WARMED EARTH ?, but as NASA and scientists tracked it, they discovered it  actually COOLED the planet by half a degree over the next 19 years. Now some may say the smoke stopped the sun warming earth, so to put this one at rest we need to remember the amount of CO2 it would have released ?, surely this would have at the very least counterbalanced the cooling ?.
Lets turn our minds to ATTRIBUTION. Again this is based on AVERAGES AND PRESUMPTION, no actual figures exist that are not based on figures accumulated on climate change over the term of none validated data, these figures are merely speculation at best. Then we add the element of averages plus prediction and we could come out with ANY figure we see fit to fit an agenda of TAXATION.
Science sometimes refers to another system, this being the MONTE-CARLO EFFECT, this system is often used in CASINO blagging, it basically works like this, you watch what has been served, you assess how many equations there are in the game (PLAYERS) as you watch the actions of the equations, you can predict the most likely outcome of the particular hand. This however only works as you know all the DATA to be true, this being the amount of cards in a deck, the equations, the deck and the response, this theory however would not work with climate change as we know VERY LITTLE of earths temps.climates or infrastructure apart from our assumption of the deep past.
Science and our THINKING of it?, well we ASSUME science is FACT ? a method to eliminate the doubt ?, well ask ANY SCIENTIST and they will tell you, science PROVES NOTHING, it merely proves something is NOT as we though?. so bearing this in mind, why would scientists being SUBSIDISED by the EU and CLIMATE CHANGE enthusiasts look too hard in to proving CLIMATE CHANGE doesn’t exist as we know it?.
For the sake or argument lets say the climate IS WARMING ?. what alternatives could be out there?, why not look at OIL and its effect on the planet as it is being drained, maybe it could act as a COOLANT for the planet just as it would in an engine ?, run oil low in a car and it will use WATER as it tries to cool, this in turn turns to VAPOUR now if this was a huge engine it could create STEAM that rises into the atmosphere creating a cycle of warm air circulating, thus creating more rain and a warmer atmosphere ?. I feel we should be checking air sea and land temps around oil rigs and fracking areas for this matter. Then we go into the what happens to the VOID created in oil extraction ?. Could this explain the sinkholes we are seeing ?, the void has to be filled?, when it is, the earth moves into the void leaving another void in its pace, the top CRUST (the bit we walk and build on) is denser so only collapses under strain ??. JUST A THOUGH FOLKS.
Then we turn our minds to the COST of this so called climate change, our bills have risen sharply and not to the benefit of us the consumer nor to the benefit of OUR PLANET ?, it is not helping by charging us VASTLY MORE for ESSENTIAL SERVICES. But the RICH get richer and we the sheeple get POORER and poorer as they all travel around on jets and in RANGE-ROVERS, are we so stupid to believe such nonsense people ?.
After all you have read here, is it not fair to SAY and ASSUME we could be 0.85% wrong oddly enough the very same figure that the EARTHS TEMP has supposedly risen > but only in DEGREES .
It is time to wake up and realise ELITES are making BILLIONS from our ignorance of the surroundings we have lived in for centuries. Please take a moment to think WHY is the cash we are paying on our ever rising bills not doing ANYTHING to combat climate change.
People have invented engines that run on WATER, yet GOVT will not give them backing and they are bought out or suddenly vanish, this should tell all as GOVTs can not collect HUGE TAXATION from something that is free ?.
The changes we see could also come from a GOVT funded program, this being H A A R P, please youtube this one. It is weather manipulation on extreme measures. if you don’t believe this to be true please go to this link>
Always ask the question WHO gains from our ignorance?, the answer will become apparent, you are born with senses so please use them, surely your mind is screaming at you, this is wrong, something is very wrong here.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, please feel free to share and reply.