Well lets take a look shall we folks?.junker gav the brexit

We the people are under the assumption that we employ our PUBLIC SERVANTS, those such as the POLICE FORCE/MEDICS/HOSPITAL STAFF AND OUR MPs and as such we have final and absolute say on the running and cost of the above.

Well i am here to tell you NOTHING could be further from the truth on much of the above.

Let us take the NHS as an example of the truth behind the lies.

We as tax payers simply assume our hard-earned and UNLAWFUL taxation is always spent on or in our best interests as the electorate, when the truth is not even close to wildest imagination in many cases. We pay our NI (national insurance) as we have little to no choice to do so, yet we are seeing ever decreasing services on our behalf ?.

One thing we MUST remember is outsourcing, this plays a huge part in the destruction of the NHS. To understand this i will make a simple example, let us say that i have a cake factory and i make all the cream on site, this is a small part of the full cakes structure yet plays an essential part in it integrity as a finished product. Now this may cost me 5p per cake as i am already paying the staff and have the relevant facilities to do so including machinery and the building in which the said cream is made. Yet i decide for TAXATION purposes to get the cream made elsewhere, this being OUTSOURCING then surely the company to which i have agreed terms of supply need to pay RATES/STAFF/TAXATION and need to make a PROFIT on the cream they are now supplying me with?. For my company as a whole this becomes a BILL and not a part of a process, so it is TAX DEDUCTIBLE, so the cream that once cost 5p to make now becomes 20p to make. This may reduce staff for my company and reduce costs in HUMAN RESOURCES yet it has raised the cost of the actual cream cake i am producing. This also has a negative impact upon the environment as one factory produced the full item yet now it is spread across two factories that can be in many cases at a vast distance in proximity. This has a knock on effect as the company supplying me with the cream is also looking to OUTSOURCE and reduce its TAX BURDEN.  This company may have produced its own milk from a long history of dairy farmers, yet sees the opportunity to yet again OUTSOURCE and make extra cash.

Well assume the NHS works in the same way, aided and abetted by GOVT and people within it who stand to gain either directly or indirectly from such actions. This is when we have a MONOPOLY on our hands and as more fingers enter the pie, they become entangled in BRIBERY AND BLACKMAIL to ensure profit and secrecy. This further entangles into the world of GOVERNANCE as they allowed this to happen and are now too afraid their little world will collapse around them.

We now get to the CUCKOLD stance, we as the electorate allow this to happen on a daily basis time and time again, we know the CORRUPTION that exists within politics yet turn a blind eye as longs as the LESSER OF TWO EVILS on offer promises to sort out the mess ?. yet we know it is ALL LIES as decades of governance has proven.

Let us take a quick look at the political offerings we have ?, we either have TORIES/LABOUR or the LIB-DEMS and at one point we had UKIP, yet we are ALWAYS left at the ballot box  with a choice of TWO EVILS and must decide which is the LESSER ?.

This is the PATHETIC bit, we actually EMPLOY POLITICIANS, yes we pay these lot to take the piss and do whatever they wish as long as it sounds NOT SO BAD?.Now lets put this in to perspective, just imagine you employ several people to RUN YOUR COMPANY and you pay them a HEALTHY SALARY just as we do MPs/MEPs, would you have these people DEMANDING and TELLING you how to run your business into the ground?, NO YOU WOULD NOT , so why do we accept it from OUR EMPLOYEES ?, well the simple answer is WE ARE CUCKOLDS we like to be manipulated and SCREWED UP THE BREXIT as long as we are not causing a fuss ?.

Would you allow a person from the next street DEMAND you accept people from anywhere live in YOUR HOME rent free ?, NO YOU WOULD NOT, again would you let a person from the next street make the RULES OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD ? , NO YOU WOULD NOT, yet here we are decades of EU dictatorship demanding JUST THAT, and we all took it right up the BREXIT ?, yes that is right we GOT BULLIED by the #EU delegated to our OWN GOVT who acted as the ENFORCES of an UN-ELECTED DICTATORSHIP of the UNITED KINGDOM for their own financial and political gains.

Let me put this another way, if your son,daughter.mother or farther bought their own home and I decided they should PAY ME TAX and home anyone of my choosing, what would you do ?, surely you would call the police. yet we have done absolutely NOTHING regarding the EU doing exactly this as our rights were taken from us.

Then we have MSM and the LEFTIES, well i can only assume they have something to gain as those who knowingly sold us out to the EU did. As anyone who loves BRITAIN and their children/family would fight tooth and nail to keep WHAT IS OURS .

Let us NOT forget GOVERNMENT simply act on our behalf, they do not own us, well they do if you are STUPID, but we actually PAY THEIR WAGES, yet we allow them to dictate OUR LIVES ? as they have great wages claiming expenses as well as having two homes paid for, surely you are not this thick people.

SURELY we need a better system ?, one that is run for the people by the people ?, if you agree then let us make it happen, as we see even UKIP are becoming mainstream trying to hide in the middle of confusion. Well it imply is not good enough, why not start our OWN political party ?, I call for the CPP the common people’s party .  Just imagine if ALL people who are sick and tired of the SAME OLD CRAP put in £1 a month to a communal party as suggested, we would have MILLIONS before long to fund a party funded BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE ?.

Come on people they are TAKING THE PISS, we don’t even get our BINS EMPTIED as council tax goes up, the roads are a DISGRACE even after we have paid road-tax for decades, surely we can do a FAR BETTER JOB than they can ?.

We have TOWER BLOCKS incinerating people as COST IS PARAMOUNT ?, yet it will cost far more in compo. Surely even a MORON would have sprinkler systems installed in such buildings .

We have even come to the point of DENYING the huge problems within ISLAM as people from the ISLAMIC COMMUNITY tell us there are huge concerns.


If you agree and think it is time to take OUR LIVES BACK, then please RT and get in touch, we CAN make this happen people, we are GREAT BRITAIN we once ruled the WORLD,our MOTHERS/GRANDMOTHERS worked in ammo factories to win the war, let us at least RULE OUR OWN COUNTRY ?.




The problems we have with CLIMATE CHANGE being any data available is based on averages and predictability.
Let us start with SEA TEMPERATURE measurements that actually suggest climate change. Well at best these were variant in their delivery of data, this would be due to the fact different collection vessels were used in the 1800s from wood to cloth to collect sea water all delivering different temperatures, Highly ineffective or scientific to say the least.
After the discovery of these differences a new system was produced to lets say level out any discrepancies.This system was named the KALMAN filter/procedure ,this system is in itself an average probability of the given data that as we already know is sceptical at best or as most would say a GUESS or estimate.
Then we go to the actual early temperature measurement instrumentation. Bearing in mind these go back to the 1880s, so how can this recorded data, by the way collected by FISHING SHIPS most of the time’ be considered anywhere near accurate when calibration of such equipment was not up to modern-day standards ?, nor was it carried out under any scientific structure/procedures or standards or for that matter even using standardised equipment
Now we need to understand just how little the sea temperatures have risen in order for UNITED GOVTS to consider it a CRISIS, this temperature rise is actually 0.85 degrees, yes that is right 0.85 DEGREES (however this does vary from experiment to experiment) but only by a very tiny amount.. Now this could be caused by such simple things as AIR TEMPS or the person holding the GAUGE in their hand before placing it into the measuring vessel, the tides, the weather, the season, the engine temperature of the boat taking the measurements. There is so much room for inaccuracy it is beyond being an experiment at all and any data collected is at best a GUESS, bearing in mind the TINY CHANGE in temperature.
Lets look at the HUMAN IMPACT of us humans on the planet regarding climate change.Well science seems to think and assume overwhelmingly this being over 95% of them, that global warming is at least 50% man made.So lets take a look at 1991 when a huge volcano erupted in the PHILLIPINES producing HUGE amounts of CO2. Now going by the info we have this should have WARMED EARTH ?, but as NASA and scientists tracked it, they discovered it  actually COOLED the planet by half a degree over the next 19 years. Now some may say the smoke stopped the sun warming earth, so to put this one at rest we need to remember the amount of CO2 it would have released ?, surely this would have at the very least counterbalanced the cooling ?.
Lets turn our minds to ATTRIBUTION. Again this is based on AVERAGES AND PRESUMPTION, no actual figures exist that are not based on figures accumulated on climate change over the term of none validated data, these figures are merely speculation at best. Then we add the element of averages plus prediction and we could come out with ANY figure we see fit to fit an agenda of TAXATION.
Science sometimes refers to another system, this being the MONTE-CARLO EFFECT, this system is often used in CASINO blagging, it basically works like this, you watch what has been served, you assess how many equations there are in the game (PLAYERS) as you watch the actions of the equations, you can predict the most likely outcome of the particular hand. This however only works as you know all the DATA to be true, this being the amount of cards in a deck, the equations, the deck and the response, this theory however would not work with climate change as we know VERY LITTLE of earths temps.climates or infrastructure apart from our assumption of the deep past.
Science and our THINKING of it?, well we ASSUME science is FACT ? a method to eliminate the doubt ?, well ask ANY SCIENTIST and they will tell you, science PROVES NOTHING, it merely proves something is NOT as we though?. so bearing this in mind, why would scientists being SUBSIDISED by the EU and CLIMATE CHANGE enthusiasts look too hard in to proving CLIMATE CHANGE doesn’t exist as we know it?.
For the sake or argument lets say the climate IS WARMING ?. what alternatives could be out there?, why not look at OIL and its effect on the planet as it is being drained, maybe it could act as a COOLANT for the planet just as it would in an engine ?, run oil low in a car and it will use WATER as it tries to cool, this in turn turns to VAPOUR now if this was a huge engine it could create STEAM that rises into the atmosphere creating a cycle of warm air circulating, thus creating more rain and a warmer atmosphere ?. I feel we should be checking air sea and land temps around oil rigs and fracking areas for this matter. Then we go into the what happens to the VOID created in oil extraction ?. Could this explain the sinkholes we are seeing ?, the void has to be filled?, when it is, the earth moves into the void leaving another void in its pace, the top CRUST (the bit we walk and build on) is denser so only collapses under strain ??. JUST A THOUGH FOLKS.
Then we turn our minds to the COST of this so called climate change, our bills have risen sharply and not to the benefit of us the consumer nor to the benefit of OUR PLANET ?, it is not helping by charging us VASTLY MORE for ESSENTIAL SERVICES. But the RICH get richer and we the sheeple get POORER and poorer as they all travel around on jets and in RANGE-ROVERS, are we so stupid to believe such nonsense people ?.
After all you have read here, is it not fair to SAY and ASSUME we could be 0.85% wrong oddly enough the very same figure that the EARTHS TEMP has supposedly risen > but only in DEGREES .
It is time to wake up and realise ELITES are making BILLIONS from our ignorance of the surroundings we have lived in for centuries. Please take a moment to think WHY is the cash we are paying on our ever rising bills not doing ANYTHING to combat climate change.
People have invented engines that run on WATER, yet GOVT will not give them backing and they are bought out or suddenly vanish, this should tell all as GOVTs can not collect HUGE TAXATION from something that is free ?.
The changes we see could also come from a GOVT funded program, this being H A A R P, please youtube this one. It is weather manipulation on extreme measures. if you don’t believe this to be true please go to this link>
Always ask the question WHO gains from our ignorance?, the answer will become apparent, you are born with senses so please use them, surely your mind is screaming at you, this is wrong, something is very wrong here.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, please feel free to share and reply.

The MANIFESTO to END all manifestos



All pharmaceutical contracts will be opened to tender on a 30 month contract.This will vastly reduce cost as it will no longer be a given to big pharma to charge whatever they please to supply it.

A full overhaul of the NHS will be carried out with a vast reduction of managerial staff aligned with the rising of front line staff that is desperately needed.

Outsourcing will be cut to a minimum as it stands to reason the companies involved need to make a profit thus costing more for such basic services.

Anything supplied to the NHS will be put up for tender on a 18 month basis, this will be anything from toilet roll supplies to light bulb supplies, as the costs have skyrocketed due to long-term contracts and a lack of organisation.

Managerial staff will be paid on a performance related basis, a basic wage followed by a bonus relating to the performance and costing of their particular sector, this however will be offset against complaints received regarding their sector thus encouraging sensible cuts and discouraging cuts to simple gain bonuses.

General staff will be far more involved in decision-making and encouraged to have input on all aspects, as it is they who work in the environment daily. An incentive system will be introduced rewarding these people for their ideas and contributions to the NHS. Management are not always correct in their judgement as they are not involved in the daily grind of a busy hospital and make judgement that may not always be for the better.

We will introduce a vigorous new NHS educating system on a stage to stage to stage basis.

Stage one will start with a basic short-term course to supply students with the basics needed to help with a demanding NHS, these will include basic medication understanding,dressings,dealing with minor cuts and bruises and a general understanding of the workings of the nhs, this basic course could be done within a year and having experience in the care sector it could be even shorter.

This would vastly benefit front line staff and vastly reduce the burden and pressure placed upon them on a daily basis, as much of their basic work would now be delegated, freeing up fully trained staff to deal with other patients vastly reducing waiting times meaning a better NHS for all.

Stage two will commence one after one year served at basic level lasting for two years, as new basic trained staff arrive to replace the current basically skilled staff, they will then do a partial in-house and partial educational course on an alternating three to two days of in-house and educational training, this will give them further skills such as a higher understanding of medication and procedures, the taking of bloods and a greater understanding of medical charts and records allowing them to give injections,replace drips, monitor and administer higher levels of medication,installing and replacing colostomy bags and so on vastly reducing work loads for other staff being utilised on wards or in doctors surgeries and so on.

Stage three, at this point you will be given the option of your chosen field within the NHS and a list of options will be given depending on the requirements of the NHS at such a time.

This will include intensive training both in-house and educational, the duration of the course/training will depend upon your chosen field as some may require far more training than other sectors.

Salaries will start at a basic lower level rising with each stage of advancement giving a faster intake of much-needed front line staff with the obvious benefits of in-house first hand training. Also ensuring a constant supply of much-needed hands on deck approach that will inevitably vastly reduce waiting times.

Patients will also be encouraged to return home as quickly as possible and dealt with there after on a drop in outpatient system wherever possible, this will free up beds for those in desperate need  again vastly reducing waiting times.

Foreigners who wish to use the service will be charged at a 50% profit margin and those visiting the UK for whatever reason will be required to have health insurance to cover any costs occurred, this would carry the same 50% profit charge.

Anyone who is under the age of 18 and has not lived in the country for a minimum of sixteen years will require proof of parents/guardians fully paid NI contributions. if this is not sufficient than their birth country must ensure payment before any treatment is given apart from emergency immediate life threatening conditions. this would also include dental/hearing/vision as well as any other subsidised health body or associate.

Plastic surgery would only be given to those in real need such as victims of accidents or those who have been born with or have incurred deformities through no fault of their own, this however would not include those wishing to have breast enlargements/vaginal tightening/facial or other body correction unless it is deemed valid by qualified personnel,also including gender changing in any shape or form without extreme reasoning to justify such actions.

IVF would only be given to those who have suffered due to medical neglect/harm or any other bodily influence causing such lack of ability to naturally reproduce. Due to the high costs involved and the lack of reliability it is simply not viable in our economic climate.This would encourage the adoption of many children who have not had the basic rights of a loving family unit or have unfortunately found themselves in such circumstances.

Abortion will be only available in valid cases, such as pregnancy through the result of rape or due to the failure of other contraception medication, it will no longer be used as way to discard of unwanted pregnancy due to complacency.

Drugs rehabilitation courses will only be offered once as this is a self-inflicted addiction that is in fact unlawful.Methadone programs will be offered but on a short-term interim basis providing a rehabilitation program has been assigned.

All the above would save billions of pounds giving vital funding for other serious conditions and research and also turn the NHS into a thriving business not a drain on the public purse.


Legal aid would be returned as it is no good having all these rights without the ability to defend or enforce such rights in a court of law.(THOSE WHO ARE NOT NATIVE TO THE UK) would require some sort of guaranteed payment from either their home country or an insurance policy as we are not the worlds nest egg.

Legal aid will be given to people of low-income to allow them their basic human rights of fairness as we often see big business does whatever it pleases as they know many simply can not afford to take legal action against them.

This will be funded through a new scheme that will involve a 20% referral fee of all cases, regardless of the victor . so if you take a huge company to court and you lose, the company winning the case will have to pay 20% of the awarded amount into the scheme, the same for the person receiving legal aid should they win.

Obviously not all legal cases involve awards of payment, these will be funded through both the above and as stated in the 3% tax transfer scheme as described in the next paragraph.

Further funding will come from  3% of taxation paid by law firms being transferred into the above scheme. This alone would create a huge pool for legal aid, but added with the 20% victor payment referral scheme it will be a colossal pot for the less well off to assert their rights.

A return to common law is essential for a true fair legal system, as under today’s maritime laws we are not entitled to the basic rights of such simple things as a jury of our peers and are often issued with charges that seem to appear and change with the strike of a pen. Magna Carta covers all eventualities and crimes in the UK, it is why the Americans decided to use it for themselves, yet we seem to be slowly but surely dragged away from our very basic human rights.


We need to vastly change this as it is now used and abused. Crime should be met with the appropriate punishment not appeased at every opportunity as it currently is. The punishment should fit the crime as should the removal of human rights, the severity of the crime should be mirrored in the punishment and the lack of human rights. for example if found guilty of a lower crime such as petty theft, that crime should carry minimal suspension of human rights and a minimal sentence, this however this would depend upon the regularity of the crimes and the background of the convicted perpetrator and also take into account the reasoning for committing the crime.We also need to look at the other end of the spectrum as some commit serious anus vile crimes such as Fred West/Harold Shipman/terrorists and other such crimes, these must be mirrored in the sentencing and the suspension/removal of human rights as these monsters have little to no consideration for their victims, they should have the same as punishment/justice served upon them.

This would vastly reduce crime and restore order as the punishment fitting the crime would act as a huge determinant for many.

We must not allow the situation we currently have of terrorists abusing the human rights system to remain in the UK after committing serious offences and preaching hate against the very country treating them as our very own.


Prisons will be taken back into nationalisation, we have seen time and time again that privatisation simply does not work, it is natural for a private company to allow standards to slip as profits take a dive. So we nationalize them taking back control of the full system.Again any contacts subjected to outsourcing such as drainage/lighting/utility supply should be place up for tender reducing costs vastly.

We introduce a new work for benefits system within prisons paying low risk prisoners to maintain the country, cutting hedges/clearing rubbish/tarmacing roads/cutting grass and other general maintenance spears. High risk prisoners would have uses such as cleaning the prisons/maintaining military airfields and ports all obviously under guard so very little risk of escape, thus giving them experience and also saving vast amounts of public spending.However this must never be offered to anything but public services as this would create a cheap labour market putting decent people out of business.

Prison rehabilitation programs must be warranted and not assumed for all, once a willing of rehabilitation has been shown then it will be given to those worthy of such actions, those who are willing to learn and change their lifestyles will be chosen, not those who intend on going on to re-offend.

We must remember the vast amount of people in prisons are there because they abused the rights given to them in society so therefore they must be willing to change and accept their responsibility to be a decent person within the country.


All utilities/amenities and essentials will be banned from floating/trading shares in any shape way or form, as this encourages the usually private owners to cut costs and services in favour of keeping shareholders happy. How many times do we see a huge companies go bust simply because it is no longer able to raise profits without investment?.

So why should we allow such essentials such as food/water/gas/electricity and housing to become subjected to those wishing to trade or invest at profit?, it is sheer madness to say the least, these are VITAL services and should be treated as such, if we need it then it should not be allowed to be bartered for, we give so much in human rights yet we fail to protect the very essential things we need for its very existence.

We will also ban any foreign business/person or enterprise from owning such utilities, if we have no ownership then we have no control of pricing/reliability or investment, these are VITAL to our very existence.

We are the UK yet we have all our utilities supplied by other countries, surely ANYONE can see this is a huge mistake.

We would bring back nationalisation or at least majority nationalisation, this would not only ensure GOVT accountability but it would again make a profit thus less taxation and more investment.

We would slowly decommission NUCLEAR power stations and replace them with HYDRO power stations, we as a country are surrounded by billions of tons of water namely the sea, we need to utilise this as others have.

All power stations would be located offshore under the sea bed, utilising the free power the sea holds, this would free up vast amounts of land around the country and also get rid of the potential nuclear bombs sitting around our country we call Nuclear power stations, most of which are far past their expected service life, not to mention the centuries needed to store and keep cool spent nuclear rods.

This would help with environmental issues and vastly reduce the cost of electricity as in essence the energy source is free and in abundance. At the same time ridding the bill payer of the ridiculous green taxes placed upon our energy bills, it has to be a win win situation for all.


We as a country own our land, yet we also own our seas, so why on earth would we allow our own fishing fleet to deteriorate to the point of destitution ?,well that is a question left for those who have run us into the ground for decades?. Surely it would make sense to encourage our own and discourage foreign fisheries , yet we have seen the opposite, so it is time to TAKE BACK OUR WATERS they belong to us as a sovereign country.

We would deny and abolish all foreign rights of UK seas fishing, at the same time investing vastly in our own fishing industry. yet not ignoring the over fishing that has occurred for decades, within a decade we would be fully fished and ready to supply other countries as we see our prices being reduced.

We must invest and allow tax exceptions upon our fleets, fishing is like a flower, we feed nurture and develop then watch as nature provides.

Again in time this will provide a huge income for the UK not EUROPE as it is now.


We would remove subsidies from agriculture for those not utilising their land for crops and cattle, unlike the current EU system that encourages farmers to leave land desolate forcing us to rely on foreign imports, raising costs and profiting foreign business as our agricultural/farming system falls apart.

Agriculture and Farming will be given a 15 % tax relief on all goods supplied to the UK from all UK sources, exported goods will incur the usual taxation, thus encouraging local and national supply, yet allowing international trade to continue, reducing our reliability on foreign imports at the same time doing our bit for the environment’


We will put a temporary hold on foreign aid as we should not be borrowing as a country simple to give it away, as the people pay back the loan and the interest thus imposing more debt on our already indebted nation.

No nation shall borrow or be donated from the UK nor shall any nation be loaned any sums until the UK has a balanced and healthy economy.and is in such a situation to do so at a no interest bearing deal. Look at the UK as a business as this in assents is what it is, as a business you would never borrow to give to other businesses as your own was in debt, yet we do it over and over again.Surely no charitable person would expect a household to take out a loan in order to oblige others who are lesser well off. go to your bank and suggest applying for a loan which you intend to give away, they would flatly refuse the proposal, yet here we are all accumulating more debt year after year to give to countries who have SPACE programs, surely common sense needs to prevail here and we should be sorting our own stable before buying hay for others.


We would take a huge stance against such issues, we currently live in the former being we once portrayed, PC madness is getting beyond any sort of realism/logic, please don’t get me wrong i have not confused this with racism, but we now live in a country that actually DICTATES what we say or do, surely people can see this is a very dark road to go down, Hitler did this very thing ?, he stopped people saying what they wish, the thoughts in their minds had been muted and just as we see today we have an army of the> JUST DOING MY JOB brigade ?. yet these are now the people proclaiming to be standing up for our rights as they demand ours are taken from us.Surely it is time to end the nonsense and move on to the real issues without feeling you could insult someone with an actual opinion. Has life become so pathetic that we need to wrap our feelings in cotton wool ?, well it does seem to be the case to be fair, now if a deliberate racial insult occurs than i would expect all to be on the case, but if it is simple the LINGO then let it be folks. Racial discrimination works both ways, we now live in such an environment that we dare not speak ?. So this being the case where are all our friends ? regardless of colour/birth of creed > why are you not backing free speech ?, i do find it VERY hypocritical in many cases. This situation has become so pathetic that someone can call themselves SAUSAGE and become insulted if someone refuses to call them such a pathetic name.


We would eradicate any charges associated with climate change as it is the sheer brilliance of fiction, not a bit of so-called evidence actually proves it. Please ask the experts to produce evidence to fundamentally and conclusively back their accusations. you will find NONE as it is all accusations and data supplied by the very people receiving funding for doing such work. Climate change is about as genuine as NICK CLEGGS promise on tuition fees. We do live in a climate that does change, however this is called mother nature. don’t fall for the spin folks.


We would halt the project, we must remember that although this project will save MINUTES on your journey, it is also evicting many from their long-term homes even as the system fails to incorporate the existing train lines. The track is way too wide to have anything else run on it, the rest of BRITAIN’S fleet is never going to work in line with it, a huge white elephant yet it is being created at huge costs to the public.


We would introduce a pioneering and radical new system that would coincide with offshore power stations.

This would include offshore floating airports all supported by the reduced priced energy produced from the hydro power stations, these airports will also require the introduction of a new underground high-tech high-speed rail systems from major cities or coastal points within Britain again powered by the same far cheaper electricity from hydro power stations. All airports will be interlinked through a pioneering over and underground rail system. Also giving opportunity to many local businesses to utilise high-speed water crossing services between airport.

This would again free up vast areas for development within old airport grounds and at the same time vastly reducing pollution and harmful emissions within our country, as the system would also enforce a ban on all overhead air travel nationally apart from military aircraft and short internal flights. This system would also open avenues for the hypo-pod system that is currently being worked on, the list is endless and ever expanding.

This would all be part of a roundabout system of aircraft circling the country rather than travelling over it unless an emergency situation arose.

All offshore floating airports will also have docking facilities for the shipping industry, with many facilitating high-tech first response air and sea vessels for our armed forces. offering high-tech companies such as phone and internet suppliers a far superior vantage point for dispersing vitally needed communications from a greater number of facilities, covering vast areas and offering a far greater service.

This will be funded through a franchise system. This being any company  wishing to fund this new system will be given a percentage of profits for a stated period of time or until such revenue has been raised to cover both profit and interest of their investment with an added period of profit return, with the opportunity of further investment as the venture grows from strength to strength.

This system will require billions to implement but will return trillions in the future.Yet it will attract vast investment with a never-ending expansion program, the world is changing and we MUST change with it.


We would deny or offer an alternative to central banking, the latter being the favoured in this instance. Now many may not understand this system and i do understand this, so i will explain.

Central banking works like this> i produce a new metal coin, nobody else on the planet can find nor reproduce this metal coin then i lend a hundred of these coins to you , the only hundred in existence, yet in return i want 120 coins, now bearing in mind> i am the only one who can produce these coins> how on earth could you produce more coins than i have created in order to pay me back ?, it is simple you can not produce more than i have lent you ?. So the central bank works exactly the same way, they produce CASH /CREDIT> you can’t do it as it would be fraud ?. so we all go off lending cash>> PAPER WITH PRINT ON IT ?, then we must pay it back ?, so how do we create the difference between what we have borrowed and the interest occurred ?. the answer is we DON’T, it is an endless cycle of debt. in order to repay the countries full debt, we would need to start our own printing machine. but we are not allowed by law ?, so who is the winner EVERY TIME ?.

This leads on to fractional reserve banking, now this is genius ,now imagine you bring ten beans into my bank, yet i suggest your beans have now grown into a hundred of tins of beans and i lend them to other people without them seeing them ?, i do this for years, now just imagine the beans i have off your ten magic beans?, i don’t reproduce them, i just let you and others ASSUME i am growing them. Then one day you come in to the bank and withdraw the beans?, then your friend wants to withdraw her beans, how can i do so?, i cant as i made up the beans and typed the loaned amount of beans into your friend’s account, now she thinks the beans are there, but you have taken them?. so i will have to close my bank, leaving all the other customers wanting their beans . your friend is not the only person buying imaginary beans, i have been doing this for years as GOVERNMENT allows me to lie, they allow me to say i have these beans when in fact they have never existed, yet every time someone wants a loan of beans, i can times the amount of beans by ten. now this system works well with trust, yet we witnessed NORTHERN ROCK unable to supply what they claimed to have when the trust vanished. Now this is the true face of FRB.


We would return to councils owning property instead of private renting and associations, as it stands the councils simple pay out to these bodies hemorrhaging huge amounts of taxpayers money on housing benefit. These properties will be offered at a far lesser rate forcing both private rented and association housing to reduce their rents to a reasonable amount.

The proposed system would at least return some revenue back to the councils and be invested into more housing and into local area regeneration in general.

We will offer a two tier home ownership system to  tenants of council owned properties.


Tenants will be offered to buy their homes at cost plus 20 % .This system will be under a lifetime ownership deal, this being you will own the home for as long as yourself and your spouse at the time of buying and being on the mortgage live and occupy the property, once both are deceased or have vacated the property the property will return to council ownership for resale or rental once again.


Tenants will be offered to buy their property at full market value less  15%, owning their home outright with the option of passing on or selling should they decide after a duration of twenty years ownership, should the property be sold before this period, then the 15 % discount must be repaid in full before transfer of deeds can be completed.

Option one would create a fast return on layout in order to invest in more properties with a 20 % profit margin for councils,with the future investment simple waiting to be collected.

Option two returns a far greater profit and rids ownership with one swift move.

Yet both options make profit for reinvestment in more housing, thus bringing down overpriced housing in the surrounding areas, and offering people the chance to get on the housing ladder.


The education system needs a full revamp and rethink as it currently stands, we are constantly told we don’t have enough skilled people and this is used an excuse for immigration.

We will ban all private funding for education, a total ban on private education, now this will seem radical and stupid until you understand why. Once all private funding has been removed it will stop the well off having access to a far better education than the poor as they will now be forced to invest in the education system as a whole not just the schools of the rich, this will then force them to invest through a governmental system that will level out education across the full spectrum.

Funding for schools will naturally rise and will be distributed on a percentage per pupil basis,with an annual bonus for the top ten performing schools, this will force schools to offer better education in order to attract more pupils.

Schools regularly under achieving will be given assistance and if necessary investigated  resulting in the retraining or removal of under performing staff.

This will create a far better education system for the masses, not just the few as we currently have.


Immigration will be vastly changed, it will be offered as a TEMPORARY measure to people entering the UK for whatever reason will be offered temporary status through a visa system. This will start at one year then two then five providing those requiring visas have not committed any crimes or acted in such ways to harm or encourage others to do so.

Immigrants will be offered the same rights as natives but will be required to sign an act of allegiance to the country as long as they wish to work/live here.

Any crimes apart from very minor crimes such as minor driving offences/disputes/altercations will result in immediate withdrawal of all rights and withdrawal of current visa and a refusal of any future applications, resulting in eviction from the UK at the earliest opportunity.


Refugees will be offered a similar system to immigrants, however this system will be very different in its stance and punishment.

A Temporary visa system will be granted, this again will require signing an act of allegiance whilst seeking asylum within the UK.Any crime apart from misdemeanours will result in instant incarceration until deportation and expulsion from the UK is possible.

If two or more family members are involved in such crimes then the full immediate family unit will be deported and considered assistants especially in any acts of terrorism. unless conclusively proven no involvement or knowledge of any kind regarding the said acts or information regarding this act or the affiliation/intention of the said crime.

No offer of citizenship to the UK will be offered, this will always be a temporary measure with the intention of returning to their home country as soon as humanly possible


Public transport will be taken back into nationalisation.

As it stands we have continued rising prices all for maximum profit as rural services/maintenance are cut. We will run public transport at cost with a 20% profit margin, this will allow for future investment/maintenance and a reliable service that does not penalise those living in rural areas giving jobs to people as is so badly needed.

As a small profit organisation it will be run by the people for the people as it employs the people, not as it currently stands for huge profit and shareholders. All profits being reinvested into a better service eventually leading to better wages.


Huge changes would be implemented here, the current policing system is being vastly cut and does not operate on COMMON LAW, this needs to change.

Police should not be helping bailiffs to evict people or repossess property, they should be there for law and order working under the guidelines set out in the MAGNA CARTA. If truth be known we currently operate under MARITIME LAW.

We would return police to policing, protecting and serving not ordering and profiteering. The removal of the police force from companies house as a business would be required in order to return logic and order.

Speed cameras would be removed after all cars are required to fit a speed limiter system, this system is already available and would reduce speeding to virtually zero, so allowing police to fight crime not enforce dodgy laws.

Profit would be made through crime, any criminal conviction would incur costs plus a 20% profit margin, this would insensitive police officers and especially commissioners to clamp down on crime.

Remove the power of so-called parking/road enforcement and return it to the police, ensuring a legal obligation on both sides and a common sense approach is achieved.if guilty then the police should be issuing the summons not a bailiff at a 20% profit margin.

All perpetrators of crime would be  charged on top of sentencing, at the 20% profit margin or higher on more serious crime, this would make the perpetrators think harder before committing such crimes. if you are caught doing something illegal, then you will pay the costs plus 20% for the pleasure.

Profits earned would be reinvested into policing and into crime prevention, again making profit for the country.


We will reduce standard business tax to 15% and to 10% on all new business for up to 10 years. This will encourage entrepreneurs and foreign investment were needed.

VAT will be abolished on all internal UK TRADE, exports/imports will incur the VAT regs as normal.this will encourage investment and internal trade between UK businesses and reduce importation to Britain as national trading will save businesses the 20% VAT that is currently charged.

International trade will  have VAT incurred until such time we have trade agreements reducing or eliminating this charge. By simply having internal VAT FREE TRADE many others will follow and international traders will demand VAT is abolished in order to trade with the UK. This will be a high agenda program, making deals with other countries to allow VAT FREE trading, bringing like-minded nations together in a trading superstate.

Business rates will be set at zero for new businesses for two years, then rising to 10% for three years, then to the usual % after five years, giving new businesses chance to grow and prosper before worrying about such charges.This will be aligned with taxation set at the same conditions and rates. This will only apply to new businesses and not those of multi business ownership or control.However a reduction will be given to all new businesses regardless of ownership, the amount will depend upon the personal and business circumstances of the owner/s.

Any business paying staff more than 40% of gross profit and investing a minimum of 10% into reinvestment will have tax exemption, this however must be at a maximum of 5% for managerial staff and will include bonuses/company cars and extras given to managerial/senior staff. This will encourage a natural rise in minimum wage as the current forced system offers little in the way of incentive.


Taxation will remain ZERO for those on minimum wage and will be replaced with a sliding scale taxation system until such a time the minimum wage becomes 20% higher than the living wage.

We don’t want you to refuse a higher paid position simply because taxation makes it less attractive, we will introduce a new sliding scale tax system.

This system will start at zero for minimum wage as stated then rising  at rate of 2% per £1000.00 up to £26.000, once this level of apparent NATIONAL AVERAGE is earned taxation will have climbed up to approx 20%  rising at a rate of  2% per £1000.00 there after up to £30.000 with taxation set at a limit of 25% up to £40.000, taxation would then rise at a rate of  2% per £1000.00 % . to a maximum of 33%.  this would bring the people into a realistic wage and taxation system.

This system will be invoked by the £ earned, the above is simply an example laid out to simplify the process and make it more understandable.


The same universal credit system will remain, but with better incentives for those working and trying to get off the benefits system.

However this system will not include anyone who has not lived in the UK for a minimum of 16 years.

These will include a 40 to 60 share on income earned over the allotted amount deemed to be extra income. We as a GOVT want to encourage and reward you for your efforts, not impose a system that currently oppresses people from working and trying to better their situation.

We will impose a new system of more work means more income, not the current work for a PITTANCE system we have. If you are willing to find extra work then it shall be encouraged, with a 40 TO 60 % split on extra income  with a 50 to 50 % share on those working in the community helping lessen the burden on the NHS. You are showing willing and more production means a greater return for the pot , this should be rewarded not chastised.

The new system will be reflected on the benefits side only and will not be taken away under the lesser housing and council tax system that currently exists. The current system simply gives with one hand yet takes from another offering no incentives to better yourself . This new system wants you to work, we want you to find more income. why should you be penalised for trying to get off the system ?.

The more you earn, the more we will help you, until such a time you are capable of supporting yourself and your family. this is how a back to work system should work, the current system simply suppresses any incentives to better yourself.

Those who do not wish to help themselves will be issued with a daily work schedule involving attending daily classes of 6 hours of training per day per week per month per year until the penny drops that it simply isn’t worth being a dependant.

The incentives in this system will only apply to people living in the UK for 16 years or more and those being over 18 with require proof of fully paid taxation and NI from parents/guardians.

Now many will assume this system to be not fit for purpose, but if we take into consideration the 60% taxation and 50% on those working in the care sector,i am sure many would agree that working full-time would be a greater advantage, but intensive must be given in order to get our system in a state of self repair as we return those back to work and into our system.


A new system will be introduced on a basic and usage system.

Those who use the system more will pay slightly more, this however will be a marginal level and will never exceed a plus of 10 % of the national insurance charge, this system will be linked to your national insurance number that will be linked to a database of usage, so for example you use the doctors more than others, then you will pay slightly more into the system, those who rarely or never use the system will receive a one 2% discount per year on the higher rate to the maximum of 5 %, however upon using the service each visit will result in a 1% reduction until such a time the national average has been reached, yet gaining 2 % for every year medical attention is not required.

Free prescriptions will be abolished for all minor over the counter available medication, this will require a one-off payment of £1 per item as most is available at pennies rather than pounds. further reducing costs upon the NHS.

A further charge of £2 will be charged for all receiving benefits requiring none over the counter medication per prescription. This is a minimal charge that fulfils medical obligations, yet returns a small return towards the national interests.

Exceptions to this charge will be for the very needy and will require proof of such needs, or anyone under the age of 16 of whom has at least one parent/guardian who has lived in the UK for a minimum of 16 years and a fully paid up NI contribution.

Immigrants and foreign bodies will incur the full charge unless fully paid up with at least 16 years of national insurance contributions or can provide documentation of an insurance or government backed policy of full payment plus 50% profit.


Religion/beliefs of all natures will become unrecognisable to law,education,politics including any other professional body of authority. No preference allowances or adjustments shall be made to incorporate,tolerate or accept any religion/belief into any workforce/law/political/education system or any other body.

This will include protests rallies and Demos, as this is a PERSONAL desire,belief or following and in should in any way impose on the everyday aspects of any walk of life.

Media would be banned from siding or having bias towards any such ways, unless a balanced argument is offered in return from all faiths that wish to do so. Any proven or highly suspected breaches of these laws will require the closure of such bodies until proven otherwise by a court of law.


All the above from law to the NHS must have accountability

This will be our policy, everyone from your local councillor to your doctor will have a 24/7 online account, displaying receipts costs and reasoning to their expenditure especially on contested issues.

This will include a system of online voting, including what service you receive what experience and feedback you gained. your grievances and compliments for such people. this will be updated on a 72 hour basis requiring local  acceptance regarding issues of any nature that may be highly opposed.

Why let your local councillor build flower beds on a roundabouts costing thousands as your local area is suffering from vandalism and general disrespecting youths ?.Have your say is my way.

Your local doctor or dentist is abrupt and frankly doesn’t care, well have your say on our points based system, they will no longer be in a position of power or be in a GOVT funded business.

We wish to make the old i am GOVT FUNDED you can’t touch me people vanish, we live in a new world with a new system, fit in or foreclose is our motto .


We would ensure the majority of the country that voted Brexit gets it, the time for petty EU negotiations are over, as they were from the star to be fair.

We will simply offer a take it or leave it deal with the EU, leaving them to return cap in hand as it would inevitable become apparent

We need to realise that we as a country that contributed much to the EU budget are in high regard when it comes to the future of the EUROPEAN PROJECT, never underestimate your position when others rely on you for financial support, if in doubt please refer to the benefits system we have and how the people are treat inhumane forced to jump through hoops to get a basic means of living.

Time to get real folks, let’s concentrate on our own, allowing the EU to do as it pleases while it still exists.

We once ruled the world including the oceans, now we barely have a fishing fleet mainly due to EU regs and laws.




First of all i would like to applaud this man on doing such a great job of bringing this subject to YouTube, a fantastic job of presenting the facts in such an informative yet easily understood manner.

I recently watched this vid on YouTube

PLEASE WATCH IT, brilliantly done, i can’t say how great this guy did, to the point yet informative. Anyway as i was watching this vid i couldn’t help but notice MANY things were being overlooked, unless i am reading into it too much> YOU TELL ME FOLKS after reading this ?.

Now i won’t go into much of the vid as it speaks volumes itself, but i will say what i feel many are missing.

Let’s take the name of the pizza shop , this being BESTA PIZZA> now many may know and many may NOT know> BEAST is a term used for paedophiles in many places , so let’s swap two letters in > BESTA >> WE GET BEAST ?? they also have a a SPECIAL PIZZA in the name of  WHITE and it states PORK AND TRANS FAT > FREE/ think about it.that’s the first one folks.

download (22).jpg

Then we have the next one TERASOL, now this seems a very innocent name ?, well maybe NOT let’s play with words again, give or take a few letters it could say TEAR ARSHOLE?, TEAR A SOUL ?,then we reverse the name again playing on words, LOSE A RAT ?. Am i reading into this too much. I think not.Not to mention the fact it is a BISTRO> again a spin on words> BEASTRo???.

At this point you are probably thinking i am NUTS and i don’t blame you, but please stick with me on this one.

Next one happens to be POLITICS AND PROS, again sounding innocent enough ?, so what are PROS?, many would call them PROSTITUTES. Yet here we have not only PROS we have politics with it,and how many times have we seen politicians caught with PROSTITUTES?. if the added COKE to the name, then job done. Now this wouldn’t be so bad, i can accept that, but i WON’T accept paedophiles.Are they advertising little PROS (CHILDREN) for the political ELITE ?, you tell me .

WE now have COMET PING PONG, now we all know PING PONG is a phrase used by pedophiles , so again let’s wordplay slightly, let’s take the COME add the E back to the T, this gives ET , in French the word AND ?, so we could say it says, COME AND PLAY PING PONG ?, or we could exchange the O for the letter U?, now this would read CUM AND PLAY PING PONG .

I could be totally wrong here and reading into something that isn’t there, but put together with the situation and the LOGOS used by these businesses, surely it can not be coincidence.

Even the ownership name has issues, UPTOWN PIZZA, so let’s say it is DOWNTOWN ?, so it is at the BOTTOM ?,PIZZA AND BOTTOM do i need to spell this out folks ?. Not to mention the owner of this business is a HUMAN TRAFFIC ATTORNEY .Why would you pick such names ?.

Then we have the business owner JAMES ALEFANTIS, translated to FRENCH as JAMES Le ENFANTS being  aka James Comet, meaning I LOVE CHILDREN, he is on instagram with some seriously dodgy pics of children being TIED UP/TAPED TO TABLES, he even has hashtag # CUM PANDER/ WHATWHATINTHEBUT even a T-shirt saying> I LOVE INFANTS.MONEY and DRUGS>> missed in this article unfortunately.

We now get to the weird digging up of random holes. Now this is telling OTHER PEDOPHILES that what they do will be buried forever, he is giving out incentives and insurance that whatever happens will be buried.Nobody will be held accountable for their sick depraved actions.Pictures of the child’s coffin suggest no matter what leaks may occur, the children will be KILLED should such incidents happen.

Time to move on to the pic with the baby in a yellow insinuated PEARL NECKLACE ?, now think here folks, this is a message to other sick vile bastards that he is going to give that little baby a PEARL NECKLACE, this being known to many as someone ejaculating upon someone’s breasts and throat, hence the name, the necklace is yellow because as with most things we discolour with age, a bit like gloss paint, it turns yellowish/discoloured ?.Yellow also insinuates cowardice, like this sick bastard is somehow powerful over a tiny baby.

We also have the LONG DONG PIZZA SHOP>> come on, i shouldn’t need to explain this one.

A child in a dress is running towards something?, what is it ??, it is the BUSH??, MATURE LADIES HAVE PUBIC HAIR, again what would you assume here after all this.

Let us not forget we have often seen world leaders and politicians playing PING PONG with children, could this be a message to other monsters out there?. They are not known for their ability to tell the truth even when exposed> I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN, this being a famous one of lying to the people.

I could go on for a long time here, but i don’t wish to bore you guys,but however this does raise questions to businesses we have known for years, PIZZA HUT , now let’s think here, we already know what PIZZA means , so lets take HUT?, it could mean COTTAGE ?, look up COTTAGING. Then we have DOMINOS ?, well again break it down you could take it as DOMINATRIX, DOM HE KNOWS, you could also say DO MINOS ??, look up the person MINOS??? :)))

So we hopefully i have opened up possibilities and other avenues for you to explore.

my advice is NEVER take anything as read, always look for what you are missing right in front of your eyes.

Thank you for reading, please feel free to comment as always.


the science of gravity turned on its head



Well i am here writing this to tell you it is NOT gravity

What i am about to suggest  will turn the scientific world upside down, nothing will be the same again, yet this information could have HUGE benefits for all sectors.

gravity-turned-on-its-headIn order for you to understand this, you must first understand the rout of LEAST RESISTANCE is always taken and the POWER and STRENGTH of a simple thing, this thing being AIR, yes air.Now i can see many scratching their heads here thinking, what is this Nutter talking about and i would have been the same, so i understand your thinking at this point. but bear with me on this one.

So lets  show one example of the superior strength of a TINY air pocket ?. We often see shipwrecks on the TV and deep-sea divers, they will go so far until they need to be enclosed in some sort of armour to go further down into the oceans, the further they go the thicker the steel surrounding them ?

A TINY pocket of AIR called a bubble can resist the pressures of the deepest oceans and its HUGE MASS yet technology simple can not  ?.We know the immense pressure of the oceans can not be explored as the pressure is just too much for us mere mortals, yet a TINY LITTLE BUBBLE can withstand these pressures and rise to the surface ?.

Let’s just take a few seconds to understand the importance of this, a bubble can be popped with the touch of a finger on land, yet can withstand thousands of tons of pressure. So why is this ? and what does this have to do with gravity ?.Well we are about to find out folks.

What if i told you gravity was simply the pressure/balance of air? and all including tides could be explained by understanding this one simple subject, again you would think i am nuts.

So here goes first of all we need to look at the effect of air and its relation to things around us.I will show many examples in order to give a sensible understanding of is SUPERIOR POWER, so let’s take a car tire for example, a car weighing in some cases in excess of three tons and in the case of articulated trucks carrying many tons, what is it EXACTLY that keeps them off the ground ?, it is AIR, yes folks a few inches of air, the tyres are filled with this stuff and off it goes, carrying around 24 TONS OF WEIGHT, just think about this folks, 24 TONS OR MORE suspended inches from the ground by AIR ?.

Then we take a look at AIR JACKS they use these in some tyre changing garages, popped under a car they filled with air a RUBBER BAG lifts up a car,yes that’s right a rubber bag not that dissimilar to a whoopee cushion lifts a huge weight.

Then we have shipwrecks, how do the raise them from the ocean floor ? again AIR, they place huge bags inside the wreck, fill them with air and sure enough, up it comes?.

The jet engine, how does it work ?, it sucks in AIR and repels it thus the thrust gives the plane motion/momentum?. But is it DRAGGED or PUSHED ?, this is the question, i would say DRAGGED with a push. Now many will be screaming no it is thrust ?, so let’s walk through this action ?, the turbines spin, they drag huge amounts of AIR into the inlet, then through a means of combustion create a pressure of propulsion ?, so let us now take away the air INTAKE ?, it would no longer work ?. so the jet engine merely takes the air in front and manipulates it into a smaller outlet causing thrust ?.So is it sucking its way through the air or is it pushing ?, a question to ponder i think?.

Think of the combustion engine, without AIR it simply wouldn’t work ?, it takes in air, this is mixed with fuel and ignited, this is then turned into power and this power is transferred to the wheels, that are also RELIANT on air to propel it into motion ?.

Think of a submarine , it is reliant on AIR distribution ?, it uses air to rise through a function of air pockets to navigate through the oceans.

I could go on with examples of air, but i wish to inform not to regurgitate as most do in one way or another.

So air on earth works in a similar way to Einstein’s relativity theory, yes i know it sounds nuts, just bear with me.Let us take into consideration the ionosphere and what it actually does, imagine an air bed, not pumped up to bursting point, but pumped up enough to withstand a weight or mass.then put a small weight or child at one end, then place a larger weight the other end and see what happens, the AIR forced by the larger weight will lift the smaller weight or the child .

Well a similar thing happens on earth, imagine having a FEATHER placed upon your head ?, a tiny force of no significance ?, now let’s place a billion feathers upon your head ?.I understand this is hard to grasp, so let’s do it with PAPER?, a sheet of paper weighs virtually nothing ?, but a A4 pack bought from the shop weighs much more ?. So imagine this with AIR, as we walk through it, it has little NOTICEABLE effect, a bit like a plastic ball has little effect?, yet in a BALL POOL you will feel the effect of these tiny balls as you try to walk you will feel resistance as the balls are pushed and rearrange themselves as your movement displaces them ?. Now this is within a VERY small scale when compared to the MASS OF AIR above you on earth ?

Maybe the penny is starting to drop now, but i will carry on regardless, let us UNDERSTAND how air works, as i feel most don’t truly understand and to be honest don’t  actually care ?.So let’s picture a SINKING SHIP, what actually happens here ?, the ship suffers some sort of intake of water and the WATER fills EVERY TINY GAP ?, even the people aboard intake the water instead of air ?, and they drown ?, so AIR is replaced with WATER ?, and water being heavier than air the ship sinks ?. BUT before the ship sank, it had AIR trapped inside ?, the force of the sea CRUSHED the air out of it ?>>> yet a TINY BUBBLE FLOATS to the surface from the depths of the sea ??:)).This tiny bubble holds the answer to life and earth.

Why Can a tiny bubble survive, yet STEEL succumb to the oceans ? Explain this one folks ?> many will say buoyancy ? and i can understand their logic, but it simply isn’t the case. Think of AIR, what does it ALWAYS do ? it RETURNS TO SENDER ?,it will always return to the surface and REFORM into a huge mass of air.

Air can not be eradicated, it may be turned into a new KIND OF AIR>>> CO2 ?? but it is STILL AIR ??? it may be sucked through an engine > BUT IT IS STILL AIR ?

Then earth own natural ecosystem evaluates this toxic air through trees and grass and acts as a laundry service, cleaning all the wast and returning it as clean air once again, but this is a whole new story.Then we have FIRE ???. let suppose we are WRONG? as to how it actually grows, let’s suppose the HEAT of fire is pushing against cold air and displacing it ?, we could have a WHOLE NEW BATTLEGROUND on fire ??. Just actually take time to THINK ???.Let us take the experiment with a naked flame, we place a dome over it and starve it of air?, but do we?, could it be we have merely stopped the air around the fire being displaced ? why can ASTRONAUTS live in space for MONTHS in EXTREME heat ?> yet fireman, can only have SECONDS in a burning building ?.

Before i carry on> just remember FIREMEN can only stay in buildings on fire for minutes ? yet SPACE STATIONS stay in orbit for YEARS ???> and not a TINY bit of distortion appears on ANY STICKER OR PAINTING ?> all nasa and US/UK signage stay BRAND NEW ??> what paint can WITHSTAND 3000 degrees ???

 Anyway getting back to the point, it is hard to explain, but imagine a crisp packet, blow it up and it feels FAIRLY solid ? if we sealed it, it seems to be fairly solid ?,this is because the air around it has little resistance. yet get that same crisp packet and try to sink it in a barrel of water, it won’t sink until it fills with water ? as the air is trying to return to sender, it is trying to maintain earth’s natural air pressure and balance.

Take a cartoned drink, they type you get with a straw and pop it through the seal in order to drink it, now BEFORE you pop the seal it has some sort of strength in its packaging, the liquid inside gives it rigidity, yet once the seal is pierced it loses its strength, then as we suck the straw consuming the tasty beverage within, we see the packaging being sucked in and it becomes harder to suck out the juice, but one we stop sucking we hear AIR rushing into the carton replacing the liquid and the carton reforms in shape to a point. as the BALANCE OF AIR is resumed.

Some would say, so what about a vacuum, well the same principles apply, this can be easily shown with a balloon, place a balloon within a clear tube , then gradually remove the air within it, what happens to the balloon ?, it stretches to the length of the tube, as the air in the balloon is trying to fill the void and maintain earth’s natural pressure.If we kept pumping all the air out of the tube, eventually we would reach a point when the air pressure outside the tube would be so immense, it would crush the tube in order to fill the void, so why is this ?, it is because we have artificially removed air from within the tube, we have disturbed the balance of air pressure in and around  the tube.

Now let’s take the same experiment and use a steel ball, we will see no reaction upon the ball, this is because the steel retains virtually no air, the vacuum would be faster as there is less air inside the chamber. again if we kept pumping out the air, the chamber would eventually succumb to the mass force of air around it.

Let us further understand airs significance and strength, Any mechanic will tell you when air gets into a hydraulic breaking system it is a huge problem, basically brakes work by a system that places immense pressure through brake pipes, this then squeezes the brake pads onto the disc causing it to stop the car, yet a TINY bit of air stops the full thing working, as the air can not be compressed within the brake fluid, and the ir must be removed to regain the pressure needed to regain strength. So a tiny air bubble brings the force of HYDRAULICS to a worthless effort,  now remember the strength of hydraulics, they are used in all sorts of very powerful devices, from a JCB to robotic machines used in factories and their power is immense, yet a TINY air bubble will render it useless.

Take two bricks, both the same size, yet one is far lighter, why is this?, again it is AIR, the lighter brick will have more air on it, thus making it the air constant around it differs due to the pockets of air with.

So how would AIR explain so-called gravity?, and differences is gravitational pull around the earth?. One main factor effecting air is TEMPERATURE. This can be easily witnessed through steam radiators in your home as well as fumes coming from chimneys and car exhausts.We can clearly see the heat displacing the cold air around it, this is a force, that will explain why some places on earth seem to have less gravitational pull.

First we have MOUNT NEVADO Huascarán in Peru having a lesser gravitational pull than in the Arctic ocean, now what is the OBVIOUS factor here ?,apart from HEIGHT, it is a vast difference in temperature, the warmer land and air temperature of Peru causes the air around MOUNT NEVADA to be pushed away, acting as a bubble if you like, lifting the air above it making it less dense, the air above and around it is being constantly repelled, so anyone entering this atmosphere will have the feeling of reduced gravity , and the opposite in the Arctic. A bit like being in the swimming baths and you pass over the vent that circulates the water, you get a sort of slight floating sensation.

So let’s look at the ARCTIC OCEAN where there seems to be a stronger gravitational pull, well for a start this ocean is the shallowest of all oceans? and as we all know has very low temperatures, plus the fact it is considerably lower in height than Mount Nevado Huascarán  surrounded by a mass of land, so the cold temperatures make the air dense and as there is very little heat source around it is heavier, so as a human producing heat you would be creating a slight force upon the air around you giving the illusion of being slightly heavier or as many think gravity being stronger.

So to further illustrate my point, let’s take a huge void like the Grand Canyon, it is a HUGE crater, now there also seems to be a stronger gravitational pull in the Grand Canyon?, but it is simply a huge mass of air concentrated into a smaller area, so the air above you and surrounding you compressed slightly but as the air is warm it is not as dense as over the ANtarctic ocean, so it will not place as much pressure.

Let me try to put the air density into perspective, let’s say you walk through a pool of water 3 foot deep, you will have to place effort in order to walk through it, then do the same in a mood pool, it will take more effort to walk as the substance you are pushing against has more density.I will put it another way imagine you are diving under water, let’s say you go 10 ft down, you will feel force as you try to rise to the surface, even though you are naturally rising, you are trying to beat the natural flow,you are dispersing the water above you which then replaces the water benefit you as the water tries to retain its constant structure. Imagine if somehow you managed to dive to the bottom of the ocean, you would not rise as the sheer mass of water above you and your own weight would vastly overcome the air within your body, you would be crushed to death and the air in your lungs would float to the surface.

So just as we see with water it always tries to fill a void and maintain its structure, the very same thing happens with air on earth only on a smaller scale.It is the force of air and its pressure that keep our bodies working and together, as if we had a vacuum we would simply implode/explode, depending on how you view it. put a melon in a vacuum keep pumping and you will see this happen as air pressure is essential to our survival.

To understand this a bit better, take a packet of crisps, then squeeze the bag, the crisps will not break even though  the pressure is increased with the external force of you squeezing the bag, this is because even though the pressure has increased, it is still uniformed within the packet, so the air on one side of the crisp is equal to the other side thus supporting it equally, the crisps will only break if you are able to manipulate the bag so a contact force is made.

Understanding this is simple once we get our head around air and temperature, let’s take something frozen, we will see it weighs less ?, then take something hot like a steel ball heated to high temperature, it is heavier.But nothing has changed within the steel ?, it will after cooling return to its original weight. So why does it get heavier ?, well as it is subjected to heat it repels air around it, the heat from the steel ball is trying to push away the air surrounding it, but the air is abundant and simple keeps pressing down onto the ball, so the heat coming from the ball acts as a pushing force, imagine you are in a room with a low ceiling, you stand on the scales and weigh 50 kilos, then you add a force pushing your hands on the ceiling would make the scales move suggesting a weight gain?, but it is simply the act of forced from pushing against the ceiling.The very same effect is happening with the hot steel ball, the heat is pushing against the surrounding cold air causing a force.

Many things depend on air and its pressure, take the weather as an example, if we have low air pressure, then we usually have bad weather, yet high pressure brings better weather and higher temperatures?, then we could take an airplane flying and it his turbulence, what is turbulence?,  it is basically a difference of air pressure the airplane is basically popping air bubbles as it flies through turbulence, this is why the plane bounces around, as it basically loses height and thrust and is bouncing around on air that is of a different pressure/density causing the plane to drop until it reaches more air.

There are many projects out there that MANIPULATE the weather and air streams/pressures, one is called HA A R P, please look it up folks, this works using a mass of pylons in huge fields all linked together, they concentrate all the power of this into a small point and this is fired through the sky into the ionosphere , the ionosphere is then heated to vast temperatures creating a void/crater within it, the air beneath it then fills the void and is moved around at will creating vast changes to the atmosphere around it.Storms/hurricanes/tsunamis are just a few of the results that can be created/manipulated through this system., but this is for another article, i just added it to give an understanding of the power of air pressure.

Tides, how does air pressure effect tides i hear you scream ?, well it is NOT the moon’s gravitational pull, as we have two tides per day, so the moon theory is shaky at best. So the way i see it is the sun rises and the air closest to the ionosphere is rapidly heated now as this air can no longer rise it simply forces the cold air down as it expands with the heat, the cold air is far denser and this is forced down upon the ocean beneath the sun, this forces the sea to lower at this point thus displacing the water outwards creating an inward tide, then as the cooler air is forced sideways it finds the point of least resistance this being more cold air, this acts in a circular motion within earth’s atmosphere so eventually the colder air returns to the top by reticulation and is reheated again thus having the same effect of being used as compression on the cold air beneath, a continues cycle of circulating warm and cold air. The reason for low and high tides being, during early sun rise, the full air system needs to be heated up, but as the air circulates it needs less heat from the sun, a bit like boiling a kettle, if it is full of cold water it will take time, after it has been boiled, it takes less time even if a small amount of cold water has been added. You could reproduce this procedure with two sealed water containers capable of withstanding great temperatures, simply attach a pipe at the bottom leading from one to another, fill them around a quarter full with water, place a heat element in one and bring it up to temperature, the pressure contained within the heated container will force the water  in the other container to rise, giving the effect of tide ?.

Anyway i hope this article has opened up your thinking and at very least put a different aspect forward to the one we currently accept with little to no proof.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this

please feel free to comment, good or bad, i will do my best to reply

Many thanks to all

Gav 🙂



Let’s take a look at the Cavendish experiment, what do we actually witness during this experiment?. Is it Gravity or is it simply an attraction of sorts?

Before i continue you must eliminate gravity from the equation in order to offer acceptance of a new way of thinking,as i have witnessed within the scientific spectrum, there is fierce opposition to any other theory or opinion to the pre programmed bias of this experiment proving gravity.wrong

As we see in the experiment the suspended pole has objects of mass/weight place on each end, then larger objects of greater weight/mass are placed at either end.Then we witness the pole turning and touching the greater mass.

Now i agree we do witness an attraction, of this there is no doubt, but i do however feel the scientific world has ASSUMED this is gravity and not considered the possibility that it is not.

So as we know ELECTRONS/ATOMS are attracted to each other and continuously spin around creating a tiny electrical force, similar to that of magnetism.So bearing this in mind, could it simply be due to the MASS/VOLUME/WEIGHT having a high density of atoms/electrons continuously moving and creating an attraction that draws the pole to the mass either side?.

As we witness with Cavendish, the items need to be fairly close together in order to gain the attraction pulling them together?, if they are not close then there is not obvious attraction.

Yet with Gravity, you can be hundreds of mile up as we witness with airplanes, yet they are subjected to the apparent forces of gravity. So if this is the case, why do the objects need to be placed close to the pole ?, surely as we see with airplanes the distance has little if no effect on the gravitational pull?.

Also if it was simply due to MASS/VOLUME/WEIGHT why are skyscrapers and tall building not leaning towards each other, surely there should be some attraction due to the mass/weight/volume within their structures ? then we have houses built with a very small gap between them, sometimes as small as one inch, surely due to the mass/weight/density these walls should eventually bow out and touch each other ?.Also the sides of mountains with huge mass/weight and volume would have small stones stuck the sides, as this huge mass would create enough attraction/gravity to easily hold a small stone/rock in place, yet this is not the case.

Now when we look at Cavendish experiment, surely as all other forces have been eliminated, when the poll is pulled from the masses, there should be some resistance , yet there is none.I would also like to see this experiment done with something that would represent a person in relation to the earth, not with metals or bricks/rocks as is the case.

Lets use water as an example, it appears to be as one, yet it is far from it BILLIONS of tiny atoms/electrons create even a small amount, and as witnessed with water it will amalgamate into one apparent mass, as in it is attracted and becomes one.

So i put it to you that Cavendish merely proves an attraction of sorts between masses of electrons/atoms and not actual gravity.yet has been taken for granted to be so with little opposition or little unbiased research. .


I hope you like it and I have at least opened up other possibilities to your pre perceived thinking regarding gravity and Cavendish.



Please read the full article  and research the information i am supplying and suggesting before dismissing what i am about to suggest.

Like many people especially scientists, i too have looked into the CAVENDISH EXPERIMENT and on face value yes all seems to point to a GRAVITATIONAL PULL, but i put it to you people reading this article, that this is not the case and in fact FERROUS METALS provide the effect we see during this experiment.

I know this coming from me is sounding NUTS to say the least, but please bear with me and all will come apparent.

I know you are all SCREAMING some used STAINLESS STEEL AND LEAD, and i agree they did, but what you may NOT KNOW is, NO METAL REGARDLESS OF ITS PURITY IS 100% NON FERROUS, it is simply impossible to be so.

I know this due to working in the metals/steel industry for some years.You get different grades of steel, take stainless steels for example, these can be checked out and so can their quality and likely amount of ferrous metals contained within their structure. Stainless steel has to have something called a TEST CERT, a certificate of purity if you like as well as endurance/destruction and pressure testing.

Stainless steel is thought to be > as suggested STAINLESS and NON FERROUS ?. well it isn’t.




as well as many others as you will see in the provided link.

Please investigate my claims here, do NOT take what i say for granted as they do WITH SCIENCE .So even with the HIGHEST QUALITY stainless steel it contains traces of FERROUS METALS these are very small but they still are moulded into the structure of the steel.

The same goes for ALL METALS regardless of the APPARENT none MAGNETIC FIELD,  they all still have one , even GOLD isn’t 100% pure.

Now some will be saying  BUT HE USED ROCKS/BRICKS??, again they contain FERROUS METALS, please do your research on this folks.To be honest it would be EXTREMELY HARD to find anything on the planet that does not have traces of FERROUS METALS within it, FOOD/CLOTHING/ANIMALS/SOIL/PEOPLE AND EVEN THE AIR WE BREATH have tiny traces of ferrous metals.

IT IS IMPERATIVE you do research to either confirm or deny my claims.

So hopefully you have done your investigations and come to the conclusion i am making sense in the claims made regarding the FERROUS metals, So we must bear this in mind as i put the following to you.

As with many of the CAVENDISH experiments, either METAL of some kind is used or BRICKS/ROCKS, so bearing in mind FERROUS METALS have a natural attraction, i put it to you that MAGNETISM is what we are witnessing and not as claimed GRAVITY?.

If it was gravity as claimed, surely the rotating objects would pull to the GREATER MASS ?? this in many cases being> the floor ?, but no, they pull to the METALS/ROCKS/BRICKS, now i agree this is an attraction, but it is not GRAVITY, it is simply the metal fibres within causing the attraction.

ANYTHING that has been machined such as METALS/BRICKS have gone through a process of heat and electricity, this builds up TINY magnetic forces, and these are minute, thus explaining the great amount of time needed for this experiment to work.

Let’s put the FERROUS metals within the objects used into perspective, imagine trying to pull a car with a handful of hair ?, it would be a very slow process, but providing the force is distributed correctly and applied equally as a magnetic force does,the car would slowly but surely move in the encourage intended direction.

Well the same principle applies during this test, TINY fragments of FERROUS metals are reacting and creating a very tiny attraction, not enough to appear even noticeable to us , but enough to ensure a magnetic pull and slowly but surely, the items in the experiment are attracted as they have NO RESISTANCE, for example, dragged across a floor or table.

Obviously the higher the mass of electrically charge ferrous metals, the greater the force should be.

I hope i have thrown a spanner into the SCIENTIFIC WORLD and made you question the very principles you have relied upon for decades.As this is the KEY to understanding and moving forward, simply denying suggestions and sticking to THEORIES because > that’s how it is, will NEVER explain the truth, it will only HAMPER your investigations and experiments.


If you like please pass this around.



GAV :)))